Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a long day. The whole house got up unbelievably early. After several large cups of coffee from the parent’s Keurig, Dad and I were off to the beach for a photo shoot. Dad hopped on his paddle board and I tested out how far my camera could shoot a decent picture.



Back at home we spent the rest of the day lounging around before lasagna dinner and present opening.



After all the presents were torn into, we promptly went to bed after such a long day.


Christmas Eve eve


After baking, making a mess of the kitchen, cleaning the kitchen,  and making myself pretty I finally got on the road. From the valley to the ocean to visit the parents and pups for the holiday weekend. Too bad the aunts won’t be joining in on the fun; apparently Aunts Kecky prefer the frozen Midwest tundra to the antics of the DC household 🙂 Merry merriment!