Home Improvements

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Dad came out to the valley to help me with some home improvements.

The first objective was make a usable closet. Our closet had two preexisting wire shelves that weren’t properly secured to the wall so if we hung a shirt on it the whole thing would fall down. So before Dad came over, I ripped everything out of the wall so we could start fresh. (Most of those pencil marks were from the previous home owners.)

After a trip to Lowes, a plan, and some measurements, we secured the first two shelves.

We decided to use the smaller pieces we had cut from the main shelf piece to make several side shelves for purses/shoes/flat things. Flat shelving on the left and shoe shelving on the right. Yay for usable closet space!!

Since we had a wonderful open space of nothingness, Dad envisioned a TV shelf/housing space for Sierra’s dog house.

Thanks Dad for volunteering to help build things (and trust me enough to let me saw, level, and hammer things)!


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