this is why i’m running late to the gym

We suck at communicating. And when I say me I mean Adam and I.

Mind you, this entire conversation is in email and just a veeeery shortened version.

Adam 7:45am: *links to pictures of beds* i really like these they have shelves.

Adhley shortly after: those are nice

Adam 8:00am: oh those got bad reviews. see any you like?

Ashley 8:10am: yeah but if we want to get a king sized we wont have room for anything else.

Adam 8:12am: want to measure the room?

— 15 minutes later we decide king is too big and queen is the way to go—

Ashley 8:39am: i like the bookcase ones but it might be a clutter problem

Adam 8:45am: find one you like

Ashley 8:50am: we can get a bed then just find a headboard we like

Adam 8:53am: we can buy the bed now and buy the bookcase later. how are we going to pay for this.

—for about 30 minutes we banter about the various ways we can split the costs of a mattress and bed—

Ashley 9:30am: *link to beds* i like this one and we can just buy a headboard later

Adam 9:45am: which one do you prefer. how are we going to pay for this

— another hour of figuring out who’s ordering what—

Ashley 10:45am: it’ll be here in 5-10 business days.

And so I bought my first piece of furniture. And you just read how a typical day of communication goes with me and Adam.

Here is the bed frame in all its glory. I’ll post a picture of what it actually looks like in 5-10 business days.




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