a nice little saturday

Our Saturday started out ambitious. We went to Lowes and picked up some house stuff.  Adam spent a half hour prettifying the front yard. It really got blotchy with all the leaves falling on it and it being rainy. Hopefully it’ll show some improvement soon.

Then we went to BJ’s with Adam’s parents and, well, we all know how that goes*. When we got home it was pretty much sit-around-and-do-nothing time. Adam settled in and started up some video game and I decided to do some HOME IMPROVEMENTS!!

Yup I made myself a nice little laundry station.

Dad set me up with a board and a hanging dealie for my undryables before he left so all I had to do was screw it into the wall.

Also my favorite new home improvements item: pink spackle in a tube. Yup. Pink. In a tube. Goes on pink and dries white. Genius!

VOILA! My little laundry station!

And Adam called me his little handyman. Yup. Me. The handyman of the house.

Since I conquered a home improvement all by myself I was on a super look-what-I-can-do high. And then I got really ambitious and braved the mall. I hate the mall. It’s constantly nuts and thus I only go when I absolutely need something. I know, I know, I just bought a bed but sometimes you have some Christmas money left over just need underpants. I’m just sayin…

Adam and I are enjoying our high on class/low on kitchen time cheese and bread coffee table dinner.

And that was our nice little Saturday…

*If you don’t it goes something like this: eat something, but box most of it up and gulp down several bloody marys or gin and tonics


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