winter wonderland

It’s been a month now of true winter weather. Chill you to your bone winter weather. The only thing missing is snow. When you think real winter, you think snow; frost; snowflakes. Well, this is what I woke up to yesterday.

I do not love the cold, by the way. I do not enjoy standing outside at work in the cold with full body chills for hours on end. And while I can throw on leggings under my jeans, three t-shirts under my sweater, under my winter coat, fully accessorized with a scarf, hat, gloves, and Uggs and stay relatively warm, I do not enjoy walking around all day in 40 degree weather like the kid in A Christmas Story.

Here’s my typical work uniform, minus the scarf and yes, my Uggs are on:

Growing up in the constant comfortable 60-70 degree weather of the Bay Area was WONDERFUL. As long as you carry around a sweater, you’re covered. Start the day and it’s kind of chilly, throw on your sweater. Warming up around lunchtime, take off your sweater. When I leave the house now I don’t know if i should take a scarf or not, a big coat or a little coat, my ear warmer or a full hat, gloves or no gloves, put leggings under my threadbare jeans or go without. I wish I had another pair of Uggs so I could at least change up my footwear every once in a while.

My Uggs, looking surprisingly clean considering I’ve worn them mostly everyday for a few years:

And while we’re on the subject of Uggs… Don’t knock them til you try them. Uggs are amazing as long as you do not wear them with shorts or a skirt. In that case maybe you should just go back into the house and decide if you are too hot for jeans or too cold for sandals.

Any who… I’m hoping your winter wonderland isn’t waking up seeing a foot of snow because I imagine shoveling snow is a) not fun, b) not a glamorous task, and c) annoying. Grab a cup of coffee and a movie and stay inside until the snow or, in my case, the ice melts.

I raise my mug to you, snow shovelers. Hang in there.


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