I’ve been struggling with how to write this post…

I figure I can just throw up some pictures of the amazing bed we got and leave it be. I really wanted to. But maybe writing about the most amazing bed I’ve ever had is about as hard as it was choosing the mattress, frame, and even the bedding. You’d think after six years of being great friends, over three years of dating, and a few months of living together that Adam and I would learn about compromise. But we are both the most stubborn people we know.

I like patterns and bright colors. Adam likes dark colors and bachelor pad style. So when we went to Target to pick out some sheets it turned into something just short of an argument. I didn’t want to buy sheets that didn’t go with bedding. Adam didn’t want to buy bedding he didn’t like.

Now… I don’t know if it’s a boy-girl thing or what but after an hour of (and you can guess who said what):

“but I like this”

“but I like that”

“but that’s too bright and I don’t like leaves”

“but that’s too dark and I don’t want a boy bed”

I ended up grabbing a gray quilt. It wasn’t that great and I didn’t think Adam liked it anyway. But then as we were leaving I saw this…

It’s gray and tan and not too bright and not too much of a pattern and it goes with the style of our bed frame and what I would like for the overall look of the room. And I think I only got my way because Adam was sick and taking lots of cold medicine and fed up with being at Target for so long.

But look at it…


It’s perfect. We both love it.

It might’ve been a more difficult process than it had to have been but that’s just our style.


4 thoughts on “compromising

  1. Dad

    i am sorry, but i think you have your mom in you,, you need to start compomizing a little quicker, just think ,, it was just a comforter. not a life threatening decision.. think smart you guys.u nagy

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