better late than never

i think i’ve decided on what my new years resolution(s) will be. i haven’t really thought long and hard about it but i guess a couple minutes is better than not thinking about it at all… even though i’m not quite sure i’ve ever made resolutions.

i go to the gym everyday so i never make my resolution to get fit/go to the gym/workout, etc. it really annoys me that people do that too. they take up all the parking in the small parking lot and they take all the gym equipment and then three weeks later i’ll never see them again.yes, i sound like a gym brat, i know… but the gym has become one of the great loves of my life. so i resolve to spend more time on my relationship with the gym and i will let it be if i can’t make it because i am deathly ill. i really need to build up my upper body strength so i can pick sierra up again. she’s getting so big. i can’t wait until she gets used to walking on a leash so we can go running.

\\\\\\\\ <— that’s sierra typing. she likes to blog too.

being sick these past few weeks  has made my life boring and lazy. i don’t like not doing anything. i missed my friend’s housewarming, i skipped a few days at the gym.. ive  been generally out of it due to my foggy head and ears. i’ve cooked less because i dont have an appetite, i’ve blogged more because i can’t do much else, and i’ve caught up on reading blogs. one of the blogs i enjoy reading daily is  Chris and Paige. her scrapbook pages are amazing and her adventures are fun to read about. she inspires me to blog regularly and she’s inspired a resolution: to go on more weekend adventures and take more pictures. i don’t like to waste my weekends sitting around the house; i do that every day of the week before work. adam got me such a beautiful camera and i need to use it more.

hy0-jkio<– guess who’s blogging again…

my other resolution is to ditch my jeans. i love jeans, don’t get me wrong.. but i wear them 7 out of 7 days of the week. i’m taking some advice from Kendi Everyday and reevaluating my wardrobe and, someday, 30 for 30 remixing. (aunt kelly is kinda doing something like that and wearing a new pair of shoes everyday. i aspire to have a shoe collection and a shoe closet as awesome as hers.)  i’d like to have more non-jean outfits in my life. i’m turning the big 2-5 this year (whoo hoo!!) and i’m sick of looking like i’m 14. which means i also have to resolve not to pick at my nail polish. it looks ugly and it makes a huge mess.

overall i think i’m resolving to take better care of myself. i want my big 2-5 year to be awesome! i want to look back this time next year and think ‘yeah that 2011 was a fun year’ even though i’m not so sure twenty eleven has the ring twenty ten had.

so resolvers, what are you resolving to do or not to do?


UPDATE: so as of posting this morning a)i’ve done the most spontaneous thing i’ve ever done in my life (it involves vegas and my birthday) and i’m coming to terms with it and b) kendi has a new 30 for 30 coming up. so i’m saying ‘screw it’ and ‘i only turn 25 once’ and ‘i’m such a wuss’ and ‘why not…’ and i’m sticking with my resolutions.



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