i’m a wuss

yup. it’s true. i am a huge worry wort of a wuss.

the lovely Miss Cupcakes is getting married this weekend and i’ve been planning to trek down there to take part in the whole shindig for quite some time now. oh down where? southern california. no big deal, right?


don’t get my wrong, i’m uber excited. i can’t wait. my super awesome friend offered to house me for the weekend and take me on a tour of LA (and save me the big bucks). all my plans are in order, my laundry is done, i’ve made a mental list of what i’m packing…i am going to check my oil and everything.

there’s just one tiny thing standing in my way.


i’m super scared.

i’ve been to paris on my own. i’ve been on a week-long cabo vacation with adam and his family (just as nerve-wracking as traveling alone). i’ve even gone off to college on my own. but i am scared to drive to LA.

me on my way to work.. not so scared of driving..

i’ve been pretty nervous over it for about a week now and it’s coming down to it… i almost don’t want to leave. i don’t blame anyone for this trait except my overly cautious, careful, lame self.

see that new widget on the side there? yeah… that’s the blogger meet-up i registered for. it’s in vegas. it’s on my birthday weekend. of course i didn’t register without first giving it some very careful contemplation (about an hour). then i said ‘screw it. im going to be spontaneous, irresponsible, throw caution to the wind, i want to do 25 big, i want to do something totally not me for once’.

and i’ve felt bad ever since. i’ve been beating myself up over it. emotionally kicking myself in the pants.

why i do this to myself, i will never know. but instead of sleeping at 3:30 in the morning i am chicken scratching my way through what became this morning’s blog post.

all because i was worrying about my drive to LA (ok so i originally woke up from a truly awful nightmare).

i know all will be well with my trip. i’m staying with a friend i haven’t seen since graduation. i’m going to share in the  joyous occasion that is angie’s wedding day. i’m going to go on my first weekend adventure of 2011. and i’m going to do it all without thinking it through pro/con list style.  i’ve done everything i need to do to prepare for my trip and now all i need to do is have fun.


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