hello new years resolution

i took a weekend road trip to LA this past weekend for a friend’s wedding (wedding was beautiful and i only almost cried two times).

i miss LA. i’m not going to lie. i miss living in a big city. i’ve always wanted to live in San Francisco. it’s young and fun and exciting. it was my plan to do whatever i had to so i could live in San Francisco after college. coming home from LA made me miss that. i did all sorts of fun things, ate great food, and basked in the sun for a weekend.

i ate at umami burger my first night in town. the truffle burger is something like heaven. breakfast at square one was beautiful.

griffith observatory is a must see. such a beautiful view and the exhibits are interesting and a beautiful work of art.

i have more pictures than i know what to do with so i’ll throw in a few..

so here’s the breakdown of my weekend adventure…

what i like about LA:

  • so many things to do
  • so many places to eat
  • the warmth
  • i actually know people there (unlike here) and hung out with more people than i ever have here

what i dont like about LA:

  • it takes forever to get anywhere (im sooo impatient)
  • you have to park in a parking structure to go to the grocery store or target (parking structures are annoying)
  • i got rear ended (LA drivers hate me)
  • smog (it’s weird)


overall thoughts:

for my first weekend road trip (and for driving alone) i totally had fun. and i want to go back. i miss LA. and i never thought i’d say that. while i don’t think i could ever live there, i still think LA isn’t so bad of a place to be.

why have i never taken road trips before!?



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