road safety

i didn’t really think about it until i had been on the road to LA but everything useful i’ve learned about driving i’ve learned from this guy.


that’s my dad (you’ve read about him in my home improvements post). he’s not like a “s– my dad says”  crazy old man dad. he’s a smart guy who knows what he’s talking about and wants to pass on his knowledge about everything from surfing to home improvements to laundry. or driving…

for example…

“ten and two”- well i don’t really drive 10 and 2  but when he says it i know he means keep two hands on the steering wheel and keep control of the vehicle. (i’m more of a 9 and 3 driver)

“you can only go as fast as the car in front of you”- totally true. (and i wish the people who have rear ended me knew this too) and i don’t try to go faster than the people in front of me. but if i want to i go around. its only right. (plus my little matrix can’t blow through people’s cars) (but that’d be awesome if it could haha)

“drive nicely”- i’m convinced my dad thinks i drive like a lunatic. i don’t. i just drive like i have somewhere to be and i have minor road rage. ok maybe not road rage so much as i like to tell other people to get out of my way and i’ll show them how to drive.

and every time i get in my car he always says “obey the law”, and no matter how much i assure him i will, i know he’s always going to worry about me being on the road. not because he thinks i can’t drive safely, but because he knows other people don’t know how to drive safely.

so thanks dad. i really appreciate it.


8 thoughts on “road safety

  1. This post reminded me of something I learned in traffic school, or something. Apparently 10 and 2 is no longer considered the safest! 9 and 3 is better because of air bags. With hands at 10 and 2 I guess your hands or arms come up and smack you if the air bag deploys.

    Just something to bring up if you’d ever like to give dad a tip!

  2. “you can only go as fast as the car in front of you”

    I had never heard anyone else say this. My husband likes to remind me of this all the time. As if I don’t realize that.

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