ibought a new phone

i got an iphone.

it was bound to happen. right?

after the headache of having my phone ( and then its replacement) die on me i couldn’t afford not to grab the $50 iphone 3Gs (and the cute case i found at target).





how about them apples

oh the great apple debate. to cave or not to cave…?

my phone has been nothing but a headache for the past 2 weeks. it pretty much is useless. it lags so much and freezes so much that  when i click on buttons or apps nothing happens.

as someone who is big into social networking and using email on their phone it means i’ve been out of the loop. even texting takes me 10 minutes to type and send a message.

now don’t get me wrong, i love my phone. it does all sorts of neat things and looks really pretty. but sometimes…i just wish i could get an iphone and a Mac and be happy and content in a safe little apple world.

my first experience with Apple was way back when in 5th grade when we got computers at school. we all had to sit down and take a stupid little tutorial that walked us through how to use a com-pu-ter. it was ridiculous. it was a big grey monster that sat on a desk and had all sorts of weird colored cords (what?! yeah. cords). it was so easy. you had to be a down right idiot to screw up. then we got a PC at home and whoa hey that changed my little Mac life. and that’s how it went. Mac at school and PC at home. Happy bright colored computers at school and little boxes of viruses at home.

a few years ago i had a job at my college where i had to lead a group of high schoolers in some research. we used the dreaded Mac. and actually it was kinda cool after the “why aren’t we using the PCs in the other room?!” shock wore off. it was easy. it was safe. i couldn’t screw it up.

anywho… my phone is an android phone. fully customizable little green android bot phone. and up until now i was in love with that little magic box of mine. at this very moment i kiiiiinda want to send it flying across the room. i’ve never wanted to intentionally hurt anything so much in my life as much as i want to crush this phone to bits right now. it is at this exact moment that i am even seriously considering switching to the think-inside-the-pretty-little-non-customizable-box.

there has to be a reason so many people have iproducts. yes they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive but they’re so simple and safe and most of the time (aside from a few “my mac stopped working” stories i’ve hear) everyone LOVES iproducts. they have their own little cult following. i got an ipod touch as a gift and instantly fell in love. and i obviously didn’t run out and immediately purchase other iproducts as soon as they came out.

i will be the first to knock the iproduct mentality. every year Apple makes a new version of every product in their line. their products can only be charged with their products (which isn’t so bad but now everything is switching to mini usb it’s behind the times and less convenient). everything they make is so gosh darn expensive. but i’m becoming more and more convinced everything they have done is to make a better product. that and all my friends are telling me to just give in. and let’s face it… all the cool kids are doing it.

so once i finally get another upgrade on my phone or i get my big girl job and can get my own phone service my next choice will be an ichoice.

No surprise here

i’m sick. again.

but didn’t i just get over a cold? yup.

ive been sick more days than i’ve been healthy. this week i’ve had a fever, ear aches, body aches. last week it was pink eye. (yeah i probably got it from one of the germy kids at work). before i took my trip to LA it was all sinus pressure. before that it was all over body aches, cough, and fever just after Christmas through New Years.

there should be no reason a 24 year old who works out and eats right should be sick this much. i’m not sure if it’s my job (i work with kids) or where i live (major ag area) but something is making my life hell. my body is shutting down. it obviously is not very happy with something in my life. and it completely stinks not knowing why i’m getting sick or how much longer it’s going to last.

my sickness is affecting my life in the following ways:

  • my job… i’ve missed a total of 5 days (good thing i had winter break while i got really seriously ill or it would’ve been more).
  • my finances… i don’t make much money and i don’t have many hours and everyday i miss work means i don’t get to go grocery shopping.
  • my life… i’m miserable. i’m fed up. i hurt.

im hoping this passes. i don’t know what i’ll do if i get sick again. i don’t think my body can handle it.

we’re number four!

as if the internal struggle of living in this little valley town wasn’t bad enough here comes Forbes announcing America’s 20 Most Miserable Cities. Right there (number 4) is the town i live in.

here it is in all its glory…

does this make me happy to live here? no! what makes me happy is living with adam and sierra and honestly we could do that anywhere.

does this make me proud i live here? no! actually i’m quite embarrassed about it and tell people i’m from the bay area and i just moved for a job. it sounds a lot cooler than it actually is.

and before some lomo and cross processing here’s what it actually looks like…

i’m even more embarrassed than i was before i knew about the list… the special thanks goes to adam’s sister who felt the need to enlighten me about the article. enjoy your glamorous life in LA while i live it up in the valley :/

living here i’m sure isn’t that bad. i checked out the Good Day Sacramento Facebook page and lots of people listed why they love living in the valley. most of them said they love having freeways that connect them to places where they can do things. are you serious?! that is a selling point?? well Facebook users, i am not sold. after thinking not so long and really not that hard here are some reasons i like/dislike about living in this valley town.

things i found i like about living here:

  • the house- it has a pool. it has citrus trees. adam and sierra live here too.
  • farmers market- its cute. its something to do on a saturday morning. (sucks that its seasonal)
  • o’briens- great local grocery store
  • hilmar cheese- its sorta far but it’s a cheese factory. who doesn’t like cheese?!

things i found i don’t like about living here

  • suburbs- i’m a 20-something living in the suburbs…
  • lack of excitement- there’s nothing to do here
  • lack of jobs- but jobs suck everywhere so i can’t really say much
  • the weather- chill your bones cold in the winter and melt your face off hot in the summer
  • being sick- i don’t know if i can attribute this to my job or my house or the town in general but i get sick every 3 weeks. and not just the sniffles but full on body aches and a fever sick.
  • black widows- everywhere. i kid you not.
  • UPDATE:   circling helicopters.

unfortunately,  freeways do not top my list. any city that doesn’t have access to a freeway shouldn’t exist. freeways should never be a selling point because they are just a given. (well, ok, if you live on an island then your selling point should be an airport or boat docks but i do not live on an island, i live in california)i take a freeway to work everyday. i take a freeway to drive out to visit the parents (an hour an a half away. pretty far.) i took a freeway on my first weekend adventure (i miss LA). those people on Facebook need to reevaluate why they like living in the valley…

i have always been a city girl at heart. i don’t think that will ever change.