so there’s this thing going around the internet and since i love jumping on internet bandwagons (charlie sheen’s outbursts and rebecca black’s awful singing have been my new favorite internet train wrecks) i am attempting to jump on this one.

100 random facts about me..

  1. i’m a chico state grad. yes it’s a party school. no i don’t know your friend that goes there. and no i never went out if i had homework or studying.
  2. i don’t say swears. i never have and although it might up my street cred, i probably never will.
  3. i own enough makeup to open a makeup store.
  4. i am a makeup girl. i could care less about shoes, clothes, and purses. i want makeup.
  5. Bloggers in Sin City is the most spontaneous thing i’ve ever planned on participating in my life (and even registering for that took me a good hour of thinking about it).
  6. Bloggers in Sin City is also the kick off of my 25th birthday.
  7. I am a gym fiend. Im at the gym for an hour five-seven days a week. It keeps me going.
  8. i loooove to bake.
  9. i can’t say i love to cook. i’m really not even that good at it.
  10. i secretly want lighter hair. like really light almost blonde hair.
  11. i’ve been to paris multiple times. it has my heart forever and ever.
  12. i’ve always wanted to live in san francisco.
  13. with that said i am a bay area girl through and through. living in the valley has been a difficult transition.
  14. lakes and rivers creep me out. there’s lake junk at the bottom and fish and i don’t like seeing it or feeling it.
  15. i love my uggs. wearing them is like walking on sheep.
  16. surprisingly enough i really enjoyed LA when i visited.
  17. i bought a growler before Adam did. nah nah nah nah boo boo stick your head in doo doo.
  18. i wish i rode my bike more. i love my cute little red cruiser.
  19. i was once hit by a car.  while riding my cruiser. to a final exam. two days before my birthday. three days before commencement. go big or go home 🙂
  20. i have three tattoos.
  21. my nose is pierced. about three years ago my stepmom, aunt, and i went to the haight and got pierced/ bar crawled.
  22. it is incredibly frustrating having a dishwasher that takes 2 hours to run a cycle. don’t worry dishwasher i didn’t want clean dishes anytime soon..
  23. i’m bad at watching tv. i never can remember when “my shows” come on.
  24. i personally believe “dude” “OMG” “LOL” should be scratched from everyone’s vocabulary.
  25. i love to travel. it’s a wonder i don’t ever do it.
  26. i love food. i am constantly thinking about it but it makes me sad when i eat it. love-hate relationship to the max.
  27. my morning tv line-up includes anything i’ve dvr’ed and wedding shows.
  28. by the end of the year i will have gone to 4 weddings. 2011 is the biggest year of love yet.
  29. my biggest gripe is being in debt.
  30. i suck at making coffee. because of this i take my coffee black… i wish i new how to make iced coffee or blended coffee. i also wish my french press was bigger.
  31. i love blankets that are still warm from the dryer.
  32. peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwiches (on an english muffin) rock my lunches
  33. ilove my iphone.
  34. sometimes i can’t sleep because i can’t stop obsessing over something to blog about
  35. i am so bad at tv. i can’t remember when the shows i like come on.

my BS

the other night i had a dream about school. the most vivid part was when my friends all wanted to party and i had to go to class(as true chico state students would do)… except i didn’t remember my schedule and i couldn’t find it anywhere.

would i ever want to go back to school?


sometimes i think i’d like to go back for marketing or pr. why not, right…? ( have a BS in nutrition and a BA in french)

going back to school right now would work… my job is only super part time so time-wise it would work. money-wise it would be a giant disaster. i’m already paying back a student loan.

my 4.5 years at chico state were pretty good. i had a tough first few years. i think this is due to not having enough friends or things to do.i think i really came into my own my last year at chico and enjoyed everything about my little chico town and the university that gave it all the personality it had.

i’ve visited once since i graduated. it’s a cute town with a beautiful college campus but i don’t ever see myself going back. i think it’s time for starting my career not playing around.

and i get so much flack for being a college grad and having the job i have. it’s hard to live without a job. but i think its harder to live with a job that only is 20 hours a week. it’s only enough to keep me out of my house but not enough to allow me to buy groceries and live.and i don’t go out and do fun things. i don’t go out and buy pretty outfits.

now looking at it my college education has brought me nothing but a few years of tests, hanging out, and drinking. and a big loan. that i cant pay off. because i cant get a job. my full time job has been looking for a full time job.

The sky is falling

For the past almost week now the sky has falling through my roof.

Wednesday morning I woke up to a gigantic bubble in the ceiling.

about an hour later Adam came home to witness the madness. and an hour after that things got more mad when the bubble burst and insulation and water came tumbling down.

did i mention its right at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom? yeah. this is a problem.

so later that day we had an AC guy come in and take a look at it. two hours into the looksee he brought in his friend who was a former roofer. and hour later they reached a consensus: it was a roofing problem.

saturday we had a roofer visit. five minutes into the visit he reached a consensus: it was an ac installation problem.

today an ac guy showed up at 10:30 (hour and a half late). his consensus: nothing. he’s nowhere to be found. he flew the coop without telling me what is going on.

so… what is with everyone giving us the runaround?!

i just want to get this problem fixed so i don’t have to sleep in the living room anymore. the bigger problem i have is the lack of communication. yes we lucked out that my job doesn’t start until the afternoon so i’m here when someone needs to look at the roof  but just because i am here it doesn’t mean that the people having a look at the hole necessarily tell me what they are doing (as evident with the guy who was just here and disappeared). on top of that Adam doesn’t necessarily tell me much besides there is someone coming (he said the guy was coming at 9 this morning) and when i tell him the guy isn’t here he doesn’t have a clue why either.

fixing a house can be incredibly frustrating as it is and when there are so many people involved and there is a lack of communication then it’s even more frustrating.

i’m still wondering where the ac guy who came this morning is… i wish he would call..

the ties that bind…

now that adam left for his weekend trip i’m sitting here with sierra looking outside and thinking about how much space we have. and all i can think is…

how much space do people really need?

i’ve lived in houses before; some with 3 bedrooms some with 5.and ive lived in apartments before; some with 2 bedrooms and some with 4. in every instance though, people have filled up those spaces and everyone took care of their spaces so it wasn’t so overwhelming living in such a large space.

two people do not need 3 bedrooms. i do not need anymore rooms to have to take care of or furnish. no one visits when you live in the valley. not even when you bribe them with every baked good imaginable.

the amount of space we have compared to the amount of space we actually use makes me sad. half of the house is a waste. the doors stay closed. they’re not furnished. there’s no art on the walls. there’s not even color. the sad thing is if you visited (and why would you) you’d think we had just moved in.

the other day on tv someone said that it would be easy to move because she had no roots. and it’s true. when you don’t have any significant ties to anything where you live it makes it so much easier to just leave. i’ve moved a lot in my life. i’ve moved rooms, i’ve moved apartments, and i’ve moved whole cities and vast distances. (and besides the headache of finding boxes i’m completely in love with moving. go ahead and start hating me).

and now i’m moving again. starting monday i’m going to be moving job sites. today is my last day at the site i’ve been working at for the past 6 months. on one hand i am ok with moving. surprisingly ok with moving. on the other i’m sad that the bonds i’ve established with my co-workers and the kids that i work with will be broken. had certain issues at the site not arisen i would have stuck it out for the kids.  and if i had another hand i’d say that i have to do what i have to do. i’m at a point in my life and my lack of career that i need to do what is best for me. and i think that this move will possibly be life’s way of giving me a swift kick in the pants and saying get going NOW.

i love life and all it’s little mysterious ways of letting you know you are (or aren’t) doing what’s best for you. and for that life, i thank you.