the ties that bind…

now that adam left for his weekend trip i’m sitting here with sierra looking outside and thinking about how much space we have. and all i can think is…

how much space do people really need?

i’ve lived in houses before; some with 3 bedrooms some with 5.and ive lived in apartments before; some with 2 bedrooms and some with 4. in every instance though, people have filled up those spaces and everyone took care of their spaces so it wasn’t so overwhelming living in such a large space.

two people do not need 3 bedrooms. i do not need anymore rooms to have to take care of or furnish. no one visits when you live in the valley. not even when you bribe them with every baked good imaginable.

the amount of space we have compared to the amount of space we actually use makes me sad. half of the house is a waste. the doors stay closed. they’re not furnished. there’s no art on the walls. there’s not even color. the sad thing is if you visited (and why would you) you’d think we had just moved in.

the other day on tv someone said that it would be easy to move because she had no roots. and it’s true. when you don’t have any significant ties to anything where you live it makes it so much easier to just leave. i’ve moved a lot in my life. i’ve moved rooms, i’ve moved apartments, and i’ve moved whole cities and vast distances. (and besides the headache of finding boxes i’m completely in love with moving. go ahead and start hating me).

and now i’m moving again. starting monday i’m going to be moving job sites. today is my last day at the site i’ve been working at for the past 6 months. on one hand i am ok with moving. surprisingly ok with moving. on the other i’m sad that the bonds i’ve established with my co-workers and the kids that i work with will be broken. had certain issues at the site not arisen i would have stuck it out for the kids.  and if i had another hand i’d say that i have to do what i have to do. i’m at a point in my life and my lack of career that i need to do what is best for me. and i think that this move will possibly be life’s way of giving me a swift kick in the pants and saying get going NOW.

i love life and all it’s little mysterious ways of letting you know you are (or aren’t) doing what’s best for you. and for that life, i thank you.


4 thoughts on “the ties that bind…

  1. I have a house that’s way too big for me and my husband too. Whole rooms go unused for months and it makes me sad. I want guests. Lots and lots of guests.

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