The sky is falling

For the past almost week now the sky has falling through my roof.

Wednesday morning I woke up to a gigantic bubble in the ceiling.

about an hour later Adam came home to witness the madness. and an hour after that things got more mad when the bubble burst and insulation and water came tumbling down.

did i mention its right at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom? yeah. this is a problem.

so later that day we had an AC guy come in and take a look at it. two hours into the looksee he brought in his friend who was a former roofer. and hour later they reached a consensus: it was a roofing problem.

saturday we had a roofer visit. five minutes into the visit he reached a consensus: it was an ac installation problem.

today an ac guy showed up at 10:30 (hour and a half late). his consensus: nothing. he’s nowhere to be found. he flew the coop without telling me what is going on.

so… what is with everyone giving us the runaround?!

i just want to get this problem fixed so i don’t have to sleep in the living room anymore. the bigger problem i have is the lack of communication. yes we lucked out that my job doesn’t start until the afternoon so i’m here when someone needs to look at the roof  but just because i am here it doesn’t mean that the people having a look at the hole necessarily tell me what they are doing (as evident with the guy who was just here and disappeared). on top of that Adam doesn’t necessarily tell me much besides there is someone coming (he said the guy was coming at 9 this morning) and when i tell him the guy isn’t here he doesn’t have a clue why either.

fixing a house can be incredibly frustrating as it is and when there are so many people involved and there is a lack of communication then it’s even more frustrating.

i’m still wondering where the ac guy who came this morning is… i wish he would call..


3 thoughts on “The sky is falling

  1. I don’t know how you restrained yourself from poking the bubble. I would have totally poked it, then later cried about my soiled bed.

    Hubs does that to me too, we have someone to look at the counter that was installed and coming apart Friday 9ish that did not show up and now again this Friday afternoonish. We’ll see.

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