my BS

the other night i had a dream about school. the most vivid part was when my friends all wanted to party and i had to go to class(as true chico state students would do)… except i didn’t remember my schedule and i couldn’t find it anywhere.

would i ever want to go back to school?


sometimes i think i’d like to go back for marketing or pr. why not, right…? ( have a BS in nutrition and a BA in french)

going back to school right now would work… my job is only super part time so time-wise it would work. money-wise it would be a giant disaster. i’m already paying back a student loan.

my 4.5 years at chico state were pretty good. i had a tough first few years. i think this is due to not having enough friends or things to do.i think i really came into my own my last year at chico and enjoyed everything about my little chico town and the university that gave it all the personality it had.

i’ve visited once since i graduated. it’s a cute town with a beautiful college campus but i don’t ever see myself going back. i think it’s time for starting my career not playing around.

and i get so much flack for being a college grad and having the job i have. it’s hard to live without a job. but i think its harder to live with a job that only is 20 hours a week. it’s only enough to keep me out of my house but not enough to allow me to buy groceries and live.and i don’t go out and do fun things. i don’t go out and buy pretty outfits.

now looking at it my college education has brought me nothing but a few years of tests, hanging out, and drinking. and a big loan. that i cant pay off. because i cant get a job. my full time job has been looking for a full time job.


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