so there’s this thing going around the internet and since i love jumping on internet bandwagons (charlie sheen’s outbursts and rebecca black’s awful singing have been my new favorite internet train wrecks) i am attempting to jump on this one.

100 random facts about me..

  1. i’m a chico state grad. yes it’s a party school. no i don’t know your friend that goes there. and no i never went out if i had homework or studying.
  2. i don’t say swears. i never have and although it might up my street cred, i probably never will.
  3. i own enough makeup to open a makeup store.
  4. i am a makeup girl. i could care less about shoes, clothes, and purses. i want makeup.
  5. Bloggers in Sin City is the most spontaneous thing i’ve ever planned on participating in my life (and even registering for that took me a good hour of thinking about it).
  6. Bloggers in Sin City is also the kick off of my 25th birthday.
  7. I am a gym fiend. Im at the gym for an hour five-seven days a week. It keeps me going.
  8. i loooove to bake.
  9. i can’t say i love to cook. i’m really not even that good at it.
  10. i secretly want lighter hair. like really light almost blonde hair.
  11. i’ve been to paris multiple times. it has my heart forever and ever.
  12. i’ve always wanted to live in san francisco.
  13. with that said i am a bay area girl through and through. living in the valley has been a difficult transition.
  14. lakes and rivers creep me out. there’s lake junk at the bottom and fish and i don’t like seeing it or feeling it.
  15. i love my uggs. wearing them is like walking on sheep.
  16. surprisingly enough i really enjoyed LA when i visited.
  17. i bought a growler before Adam did. nah nah nah nah boo boo stick your head in doo doo.
  18. i wish i rode my bike more. i love my cute little red cruiser.
  19. i was once hit by a car.Β  while riding my cruiser. to a final exam. two days before my birthday. three days before commencement. go big or go home πŸ™‚
  20. i have three tattoos.
  21. my nose is pierced. about three years ago my stepmom, aunt, and i went to the haight and got pierced/ bar crawled.
  22. it is incredibly frustrating having a dishwasher that takes 2 hours to run a cycle. don’t worry dishwasher i didn’t want clean dishes anytime soon..
  23. i’m bad at watching tv. i never can remember when “my shows” come on.
  24. i personally believe “dude” “OMG” “LOL” should be scratched from everyone’s vocabulary.
  25. i love to travel. it’s a wonder i don’t ever do it.
  26. i love food. i am constantly thinking about it but it makes me sad when i eat it. love-hate relationship to the max.
  27. my morning tv line-up includes anything i’ve dvr’ed and wedding shows.
  28. by the end of the year i will have gone to 4 weddings. 2011 is the biggest year of love yet.
  29. my biggest gripe is being in debt.
  30. i suck at making coffee. because of this i take my coffee black… i wish i new how to make iced coffee or blended coffee. i also wish my french press was bigger.
  31. i love blankets that are still warm from the dryer.
  32. peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwiches (on an english muffin) rock my lunches
  33. ilove my iphone.
  34. sometimes i can’t sleep because i can’t stop obsessing over something to blog about
  35. i am so bad at tv. i can’t remember when the shows i like come on.

8 thoughts on “bandwagons

  1. And, it’s probably the most spontaneous thing I’ve done too. That 5 facts about me took freakin’ forever. And I’m still not sure it’s quite right. πŸ˜€

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