schedule conflicts

no one likes doing the dishes. especially when the dishwasher takes two hours to run a cycle and there’s still a pile of dishes in the sink.  folding laundry is annoying. ok, pairing socks is annoying, sitting in a pile of warm towels is absolutely lovely. vacuuming kicks up allergens and mopping can be messy.

it’s no lie that chores are a sore subject around here. i think our schedules can mostly be to blame. adam leaves for work when it’s still dark and my job doesnt start until late afternoon. because of this it has been argued that i should do more chores because i have more time. also because of this i have taken to cleaning the house weekly. lately it’s been so overwhelming because i do do a lot of the cleaning and laundry even though it takes two to make messes and generate dirty clothes.

i understand living with your other isn’t easy. although we have lived together for over six months, we are still figuring each other’s habits out. part of me doesn’t understand how you can own a house and still have the same housing mentality you had in college and another part of me gets so overwhelmed with constantly having the chore conversation that i don’t want to do anything about the mess. to top it all off my biggest gripe is trash day.  i don’t understand how is is so hard to remember the trash goes out on the same day every week for the rest of ever. so in an effort to alleviate all the stress of who needs to do what i made a chore chart. (this is the first time in my life i’ve ever had one. i’ll be 25 in may btw).

hopefully this will get us both on track with what needs to be done and who should do it. i do believe that we should share chores equally because we both contribute to how clean or messy our house stays, no matter who has more time or makes more money. as long as its written down and we alternate duties i think we will be well on our way to establishing a happy home.

do you and your other/roommate have a certain way of taking care of household duties?


10 thoughts on “schedule conflicts

  1. I admittedly gave up on cleaning. I do some, like vacuum when the dog hair tumbleweeds get too large and Fridays are laundry day, but I’ve given up and have a cleaning service twice a week to do the other stuff like the bathrooms and mop the floors, and get all the places I missed.

    1. the beast has been shedding lately so vacuuming and sweeping have to be done a lot bc of my gross allergies. wish i could pay someone to do it haha that’d be awesome. what would also be awesome: if adam didnt have so many clothes. he contributes more to dirty clothes than i do.

  2. Auntie Kelly

    I do all the chores and once a month we have what I call my “Trophy-Wife” dinner. Becky will take me out to dinner or I get to buy a pair of shoes. This should not exceed the amount of $100 since that’s how much it would be for us to hire a maid for an every other week service.

  3. I don’t mind doing the dishes. I used to do it at the Pizza place. Of course, they’re dishwasher was a lot more powerful and quick.

    I’d rather do dishes than laundry, that’s for sure.

  4. The husband and I work the same schedule, together, but it changes all the time, making it totally impossible to assign certain chores to certain days. Mostly, he does the laundry (because it’s in the basement where the spiders live and I refuse to go down there), and I do the majority of the cooking, grocery shopping and bill paying. When it comes to cleaning, we both pitch in more or less equally, depending on what our schedules allow.

  5. It’s taken almost two years of working through our different communication styles to really figure it out. I don’t think there’s one set way that couples can effectively, as you said, take care of household duties.

    When my guy and I first moved in together, we – like you and yours – had opposite work schedules. I worked a semi-normal day shift, and he worked nights. Like I said, it took a long time to figure out how to best communicate about it, but we’ve got it down. Give it some time, and make sure you talk about it all. You’ll be fine! 🙂

  6. LOL of course my american counterpart would write a blog about exacty what bf and I fought about this morning. I left the dishes in the sink all week to see if hed move them into the dishwasher without being asked. It’s Sunday – and they were still there, ruining my life. I love your calendar idea! and your color choice of sharpies!!!

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