no i dont want a skylight

remember this?

well after roughly three weeks of The Hole being a part of the house it is no more!!! last weekend super dad came over and showed off his handy-ness and saved me from going nuts over The Hole.

first he had to cut the drywall so it was all nice and square and pretty. and then, because  he knows me all too well, he asked me when i was going to get my camera and start snapping pictures.

then we had to measure and cut the drywall to fit the new square hole. after drawing it out and measuring* we cut the piece and fit it to the ceiling.

then dad taped it with this awesome yellow tape that kind of resembled the bandage they put on my arm after my accident.

after it was all taped off he put some mud stuff on it. this was sierra’s favorite part (she got it all over her face).

and then a second round of mud so everything could be evened out…

so then we went to the hardware store and got this awesome texture in a can so everything would look like The Hole never happened. look at it being all texture-y.. so cool!

this weekend we will paint and vacuum all the dust from the carpet and then everything will be back to its normal, pre-Hole existence!!

thanks dad!

*always measure twice, cut once!


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