36. i love cheese. i will eat shredded cheese out of the bag.

37. i could eat cereal for every meal. and i have.

38. sierra is the first puppy i’ve ever had. it still amazes me how much she’s grown and how smart she is.

39. i hate soup. the only time i’d ever eat it and actually crave it is when i’m sick.

40. baking is a huge stress reliever for me.

41. when i was little i was obese. i was pleasantly plump, a fatty, i was a big girl.

42. once I start eating garlic bread I can’t stop. I wish I was kidding.

43. my allergies are so bad my face gets puffy and itchy and I sneeze uncontrollably.

44. halloween is my most favorite holiday ever.

45. i like country music. especially on sundays when it’s sunny out and the bbq is going.

46. i can be somewhat of a movie snob.

47. try as I may, i can’t wear socks to bed.

48. i love to swim. i could swim all day.

49. i prefer my cheeseburgers lettuce wrapped. i like the texture. i’m all about texture when i eat.

50. i love drinking through straws.

51. my favorite color is green. bright grass green.

52. candles and air fresheners that smell like clean linen aka dryer sheets. i love the smell the dryer gives off when it’s going.

53. i can’t stand hearing people eat.

54. every thursday adam and i eat tacos.

55. alice in wonderland is my favorite Disney movie ever. ever. And it’s an awesome book.

56. adam bought me a kindle for Christmas and I’m still weirded out by how many books i can have at my fingertips.

57. my bff is adam. we met thru my dormmate the day before our first day of school freshman year. he had me at hello.

58. he also had me with his vast knowledge of dead baby jokes. yes you read that right. i enjoy inappropriate jokes.

59. i love hops. i love the way they smell and i think they looks beautiful when they’re growing.

60. im a mac. (as of 4/10) imade the big switch.


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