it’s my first

last weekend i went to Vitamin Shoppe. and i got everything i didn’t go in there for.. funny how that works.

i originally went in for some lactase enzyme and after browsing the shelf next to it, i decided to grab some probiotics instead. and then i thought maybe i should do a cleanse because maybe that would help my stomach too. so after reading every box on the cleanse/detox shelf i settled on First Cleanse (it seemed right since it would be my first cleanse).

i settled on this one because i was drawn to it obviously being a first cleanse kind of cleanse and the steps are super easy. for what it is i guess it’s a reasonable price since it was one in the handful of low $20s.

it’s nothing scary; just a crapload of herbs in a tiny capsule. i take one morning capsule and one nighttime capsule for three days and then i up my capsule intake to two of each everyday… for the next two weeks.

im not altering my diet to anything crazy like i can only eat fruits and veggies and drink lemon water because that’s ridiculous and i don’t like starving and generally people don’t like my moodiness when i’m starving. i’m sticking to chicken breast, fruits and veggies (that i also whir up into smoothies), oatmeal, and rice. i figure i can cleanse healthily and still not keel over and die when i go to the gym.

i’m actually on day three of my fourteen days and i’m going strong (at tequilla tuesday i had soda water and limes. that’s dedication, people).

bring on the water!


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