my latest obsession


simple human garbage can with locking lid… to keep puppies out


i’m leaving on a jetplane…

i haven’t packed. clothes i should’ve packed are still in the washer (and soon to be in the dryer). up until yesterday i was still looking for my party outfit.

this weekend is my birthday. the big 2-5!! quarter of a century! i’m doing it big! i’m going to Vegassssss!!!

actually i’m going to Las Vegas for a blogger meet-up called Bloggers in Sin City. it’s that little red button to the right.

this gorgeous room will be my home away from home for the next few days.

the lovely people at the flamingo have agreed to put up 50 rowdy bloggers for the weekend. what nice people…

so what happens in vegas stays in vegas right?

well.. i am a blogger…

stay tuned 🙂

it gets better.

it pains me to know that someone close to me found this commercial for google chrome so offensive that they refuse to use it. and that they had to post about how offensive this commercial is as their facebook status. if this offends you in any way i apologize.

bullying is not ok. being bullied to death is not ok.  everyone is entitled to life and everyone deserves to love and to be loved.