so i woke up in vegas on the morning of my 25th birthday and looked at my foursquare to make sure last night wasn’t a dream..

it wasn’t. i was, in fact, at denny’s 4 hours prior eating a bacon sundae… which is why i was rushing to get my act together and get to the airport. which is also why i looked absolutely stunning at 9am.

(i was in last night’s hair and makeup. dollar travel sized hairspray and bare escentuals for the win) (and yes that is a morning birthday beer) (and apparently i have no shame…)

so Maddysho didn’t miss her flight and i got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. and with plenty of time to look for food.  i ended up finding myself in a cheese-steak shop that didn’t serve breakfast. as i was about to find a table to sit at so i could run a train on my cheese-steak one of the most amazing people i met in vegas, Christa , tweeted me about meeting up in the airport. and this is what happened when she hunted me down.


and that is why she’s amazing. and why i’ve grown to love the phrase “would you like to take that to go?”. one gigantic morning beer later we were both on our way to our gates. after one short flight and a long drive later  (with just one pitstop to…)


i was home. and what did i come home to?

the coolest birthday card from my favorite aunts.


it even came with stickers!


and no birthday is complete without my favorite champagne.


and shiny things..


and that was my birthday. the big 2-5.

hey dad! i’m a quarter of a century old!


3 thoughts on “maytwotwo

  1. Aw yes… the answer to many questions. Shiny things and champagne. 😉 Sounds like your birthday turned out pretty swell! The Jonas Bros card made me chuckle.

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