who ever would think that this little guy…

would ever turn into this guy 25 years later..

…someone who’s smart, loving, stubborn, puts up with my ridiculousness inappropriately hilarious, easy-going, understanding, and quick-witted. you’re the laid-back to my high-strung, the film to my camera, the garlic to my bread, the bacon to my mac and cheese, the eater of the birthday cheesecake i make you every year (full fat just to spite me).

i’m glad that you are the guy i love so much…

even if you had a bowl cut when you were little.


4 thoughts on “twentyfive

  1. Jean (bride)

    our little pumkin head with the biggest heart I know!!!! he was so little when he was born and now 25 – wow. Still smiling and still so sweet…I love my nephew very much!

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