five things friday

five things that i like to eat

1. fish tacos. they’re so delicious and the perfect summer time meal.

2. ice cream. even though it gives me stomach aches.

3. tater tots. or any potato product really.

4. eggs. my biggest source of protein and they taste good in all of their forms.

5. sushi. divine bite sized morsels of fishy goodness.


time for some change


Last weekend we decided it was time for some change. After living in the house for a year and not making any changes to it we decided it’s time to put away some money and start small: one room at a time. We decided to spruce up the guest bathroom first since it doesn’t need much changing and it is the smallest room in the house.

We didn’t do much actually but it made a world of difference. In three Target trips and one Bed Bath and Beyond trip we bought new towels, bought a matching set of bathroom accessories, and bought new drawer pulls for the cabinet, and a new shower curtain. I bought a can of white paint  and went to town on our bathroom. I am a one-woman painting outfit. I love painting walls. I am in no way a creative painter but painting houses… love it!


Here is what it looked like when I moved in (1 year ago).


As you can see it’s not white but it’s a lovely shade of drab (mauve)…


And this is what it looks like now!








Adam picked everything himself. We went with a grey and white theme and everything else was up to him.  He did a really nice job picking out his accessories. I really like the look of everything. Here’s the breakdown of what is new to the bathroom and where it came from…


  • Drawer pulls
  • Bath mat
  • Towels
  • Accessories
  • Garbage


Bed Bath and Beyond:

  • Shower curtain



  • Lowe’s – Valspar Swiss Coffee


Those blue bottles of man stuff:

  • Sephora- Jack Black skincare line (All Adam’s stuff. He LOVES it.)


I’m really happy with the way everything turned out. Love the small changes we can make to freshen up the house and make it our own.



five things friday

i had a great idea for some new content the other day and it all started when i got stuck driving on a country road behind a driving school car…(sucks!) and then i thought of how little of my opinions i shove on my readers and how much more i should inundate everyone with them 🙂

thus: five things friday. five opinions i have on a given topic. let’s see how this goes. first five things friday.


five things i think about driving…

1. i have been driving since i was 16. that’s almost 10 years of driving… that makes me feel old.

2. i can’t stand driving behind semi trucks or driving school cars. both have a risk of danger when they’re around.

3. i finally have a car i like and that i can trust. that’s why i named him Eli the rELIable. true story.

4. if motorcyclists get hit when they weave in an out of traffic they are asking to get hit.

5. it hurts when you get hit by a car when you ride your bike to school. true story.



happy friday!


i’ve caught it…

the travel bug. the best bug to catch.

i guess it started with vegas. ooooh the vegas…

and i think since i read this post my heart has been set on the allure of sweaters and ponies…

now i suppose it’d the draw of the 20SB conference in Chicago.

and it will always be and always has been Paris.

and with a little help from my friends i can make that happen….

lately i’ve had the overwhelming feeling that i need to get out and explore. maybe it’s because i’m sick of corn fields and cows, maybe it’s because i never did the typical post graduation backpacking through europe thing. i need some excitement in my life. i need some good food, pretty scenery, and adventure. getting go ahead tours catalogs in the mail doesnt help. (by the way, best tour company ever)

i also have a paypal account if anyone would like to sponsor my travels 🙂