do i celebrate this one?

it’s been a year.

i still haven’t changed the address on my license. i still don’t really know my way around (aside from my little bubble of a neighborhood). i still haven’t made any friends.

just the other day i was driving home from work looking around at the cows, fruit stands, and corn fields and thought “how did i get here? is this real life?”.

i’m still acclimating. i’ve discovered since moving to the valley…

that i hate driving. getting out of the valley just takes too long and too much effort.

in the valley, when farmers till their farms, it kicks up dirt/allergens that stay in the bubble of the valley and make my face puffy and i sneeze.

my body was not made to withstand the heat of the valley. 100 degrees? no please.

life in the suburbs is slow.

hard to find good food. i still haven’t found it. the only restaurant i love to eat it is a sushi restaurant that we frequent on date nights.

it gets so cold i had to buy a winter coat.

it gets so cold i get to cuddle up by the fireplace.

i still haven’t been to yosemite.

i haven’t gotten any produce from a fruit stand. if you see one that takes cards let me know.

i still love going to farmers markets on saturdays. especialy ones that have bacon on a stick.

i still want a goat and a duck.

we still haven’t put pictures on the wall or decorated. i just cant choose which ones to put up.

i’ve never gone wine tasting. i don’t know if that’s a valley thing but there are lots of wineries around here.

i’m getting better at cooking. probably because we don’t have cool restaurants to eat out at.

i love having a puppy and living with adam. even if he snores. and she digs up our backyard.

the list of things grows. eventually i will figure out life here and make friends and do things. but for now i have my routine and i’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into organizing/making the house look pretty 🙂


4 thoughts on “do i celebrate this one?

    1. You, my jetsetting friend, were found for me. It’s like cheating if I say I actually went out and met you before anyone else in my circle of “friends” (who are all Adams). You are my only friend in the valley. So quit getting on airplanes and let’s hang out!

  1. Ducks are awesome. And so are goats. I grew up on farms in the country with no neighbors and ducks and goats and sheep and horses and few cows kept me sane. They were probably nicer than other kids my age anyway.

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