how i’ve managed to get invited to so many weddings and bridal showers and managed to dodge the bachelorette parties (but not the bridal showers)

this year I’ve been invited to a total of 5 weddings. and whenever i tell people they are always flabbergasted. thankfully i have people that love me enough to invite me to their weddings but not actually have me involved in them. three of the five i’ve received invitations to their accompanying bridal showers and two of which i’ve been invited to their accompanying bachelorette parties. i have been to three of three bridal showers this year.
the first wedding I was ever invited to was over 4 years ago. maybe even 5 or 6 years ago. i was also invited to the bridal shower (horrible disaster) and the bachelorette party (sounded like a horrible disaster). i actually went to the bridal shower. after the weirdness of the bridal shower i skipped out on the bachelorette party. and to this day i’m so glad i did.

ever since that first bridal shower i’ve been stressed out by wedding festivities. bridal shower games are the worst! they’re awkward, involve making wedding gowns out of toilet paper, unwrapping lingerie in front of mothers of the bride (and grandma), and awkward “so how do you know the bride” conversation. on the plus side they have cake (if you get offered a slice..which I did not once). all the while i hide behind my camera and everyone asks if i’m a professional photographer… which is much better than them asking why i’m not participating in answering 20 questions about the bride and groom that no one knows the answer to. the other source of discomfort is the whole opening of presents. i always feel like i’m being judged for what i picked to wrap up and give. that’s before i realize that everyone bought something off the registry. then it becomes a matter of who bought the most expensive present which makes me feel horrible all over again. trust me..bridal showers are so much more pleasant from the viewfinder.

i’d love to go to a bachelorette party. i think it’s a fun night/weekend with just “the girls”. i’ve never been a girl’s girl so i’m not even quite sure how i’d do at a bachelorette party. i skipped out on the first of three because i was working/it was just too far and expensive. i’m currently skipping out on this weekend’s events because i didn’t feel like shoving it off on my credit card to hang out with girls who didn’t talk to me at the bridal shower plus Adam will be in the same city and we wouldn’t be able to hang out. i’m not friends with anyone but the bride, although i am friends with the groom’s side of the bridal party (boys and girls aren’t allowed to hangout.. weird concept). so now i’m at the point where Adam is going but i’m not and instead i’m sitting here kicking myself that i didnt go and then i don’t feel bad because i would be taking a different flight than everyone else, refuse to pay a couple hundred dollars for a hotel room (shared with other girls i dont know/booze–booze is expensive??), and have a thing against strip clubs. they weird me out. i have no desire. not my thing, rather not pay for that. now im at the point of justifying my decision not to go to vegas. ugh. id rather save my money for paris. or iceland.

while we’re on the subject of money– let’s talk about gifts.  so far i’ve bought victoria’s secret gift cards, super fancy dish towels, and bathroom accessories. things out of the price range for myself. i’d love for someone to buy me new fluffy towels, knives that can chop through everything, and kitchen utensils that match. weddings are funny in that sense; we buy amazing things for people we care about but not actually for ourselves. and i think that’s what gets me the most.

the funny things about weddings.. they make you think about your wedding. how amazing the passed apps of food truck favorites  are going to be– followed by a delicious array of surf and turf (heavy on the surf). how the bar will be open and fully stocked with sierra nevada pale ale and the bubbly will be free flowing. how the most heavenly cake you’ve ever tasted will be stacked tier upon tier with the freshest fruit preserves separating each layer. and how the boys stand by the groom looking dapper as ever and the girls float down the aisle glowing in their jewel tone dresses. and just when you think you’ve got your wedding figured out, you realize you’re there at the altar with no one to stand with. you are the cheese. standing alone. that you don’t have anyone that can say they’ve known you long enough to reminisce over your favorite VHS tapes growing up,  making mixed tapes, high school graduation, or your 21st birthday.

as always she’s the most stunning bride anyone’s ever seen and he’s the most handsome groom. as you think back to going out bar crawling together in tank tops and flip flops it dawns on you how much older everyone is now. so you leave early because you have a long drive ahead of you (and even saying that makes you feel old).  you leave  long after the sun has set, but still too early for a bite of cake.  and (despite blubbering through the whole ceremony)  you look beautiful- basking in the glow of their wedding. because i guess everyone is happiest when they’re thinking of how amazing love is/can be/will be.


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