five things friday

five things i think about when i run…

  1.  how hot it is in my gym….they never use the ac. never. i swear i might as well run outside because it’s not any cooler in the gym.
  2. how much longer i have to run…. i hate running. hate it. lots. but i do it because it’s good for me.
  3. upcoming events… and what i plan on wearing to them. how i should put together an outfit for them. lots of weddings coming up and i need to scrounge up things to wear.
  4. how much the giants suck… because it seems like whenever i’m at the gym and the giants game is on they’re always losing. stop it giants. stop it right now.
  5. pandora… its what i listen to when im at the gym. i have two stations i have just for working out- ke$ha (yeah i know whatever you suck) and britney spears. for the most part they’re the perfect beats to run to…then “motherlover” or some cute bruno mars song comes on and throws everything off and i hate it.

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