i’m pretty sure my body thinks i’m crazy

i saw a flier in a local grocery store with this picture on it and i grabbed it. i kind of gave it a once over on the way home then i put it down. i’d only run one 5k before and a 10k is way too much for me to handle. i can barely run 2 miles before getting bored so this craziness  definitely wasn’t for me.


then i saw it sitting on the coffee table and i picked it up again. a glass or two of champagne and a facebook status update later and i had been convinced i could do it! so i clicked register. (did i mention i cave to peer pressure quite easily?) (also i’d never heard of so many people saying “10k is a fun distance to run”.. i’m convinced those people are nuts)

every since then i’ve been thinking about it and even rotated early morning runs out and about the neighborhood to “train”. sierra loves it. she goes nuts for runs. and then we come back home and sprawl out on the floor and recover.

to make my training easier on my body i’ve started following a diet. the 17 day diet. after hearing good things from a twitter friend and doing some research i bought the book (on super sale at target. i couldn’t wait for it to get shipped).

why i like this diet and you should too:

  • lots of lean protein options.
  • probiotics, probiotics, probiotics!!
  • yummy veggies
  • you can still eat fruit!!


so check it out for yourself. its super easy to follow, first of all. and you really dont have to change your diet (unless you’re a starch-fiend. which i am not so i guess it works well for me). it also incorporates things your should be eating more of anyway (i have a problem with eating protein. im so bad at it). it also stresses good things like probiotics. if you aren’t ingesting some sort of probiotic i highly recommend it. they make your body feel good and they can be found in supplements and yummy flavored kefir.

and i’m down 2 pounds since monday.

go me!


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