Let’s play a game!!

It’s called what the heck is all that crap in ashley’s purse!
Here is just a small glimpse into a very small part of my life- the things I think are important enough to carry around all the time.


That’s my purse (for this week). It’s an old (6 years) honey colored Wilson’s Leather bag my ex bought me when we were dating.

And here’s what’s inside.


Let’s start with the top left.
That weird green thing. That’s my Brita water bottle/filter. Yeah. There’s a water filter in it. I don’t leave home without it.

Then we have my phone charger and my keys.

Grey H&M cardigan. I carry a cardigan everywhere. Just in case I get the shivers.

Body By Bethenny. Just got it and I planned on giving it a test run except I had it ondemand as a free gift with purchase from Amazon. Awesomeness!! (love it by the way)

Ray Bans. New Wayfarers. Only sunglasses that fit my tiny baby head. Love them. Worth it.

Wet Ones To Go. Just in case. I spill things…

Hand sanitizer, Target brand. Germs are gross.

Paris lotion from Bath and Body Works. Won it at a bridal shower. Smells like something Bath and Body Works would make (you know what I’m talking about).

Red glasses case that hold my purple Benetton glasses.

Pen/Planner thats exploding with wedding/shower invites. My planner is my life.

Buxom lipgloss in Tempest. Just one gloss. I’m impressed with myself! I’ve been known to carry 6 at a time. Wolves and lip glosses travel in packs.

Chapstick. Medicated. I like SPF.

Random Ikea pencil. I can’t even tell you the last time I went to Ikea..

Vitamin container. I take my vitamins with me so I remember to take them everyday.

Shawn White Stride Gum. BF picked it out. It’s good.

2 movie tickets to see 30 Minutes Or Less. Go see it if you love inappropriate jokes and lots of explosions.

My big girl wallet. Navy blue Fossil leather. Love it.

And that’s it. (Yes that all fits in there. I know I don’t need most of it but I’m a huge “just in case” packer)

Hope you enjoyed your peek into my little valley life.


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