this is what Adam has to deal with

  from ashley
to Adam
Subject: Re:
im excited for my first big cake project! i can totally do this! and maybe people will be like yo who did that cake and jamie will be like that girl and ill be like give me yo money and ill bake you a cake

from Adam
to Ashley
Subject: Re:

Oh really you is that what you are going to be like?!






From: ashley
To: Adam
Subject: Re:

yes. its exactly what im going to be like. how do you not know this?! we’ve been together for 4 years. geez you.

from Adam
to ashley
subject RE:

I don’t think I have ever once heard you say to someone “give me yo money” haha






From: ashley
To: Adam
Subject: Re:

then you obviously dont listen to me.



So last weekend I went to visit my parents and partake in the annual public drunkeness street fair that is Fog Fest

We give back to our community by purchasing the official drink of the Fog Fest called the Fog Cutter. It has some cute back story about ocean air and sunsets and whatever..

Besides seeing people that say “Ashley! I haven’t seen you since you were thiiiis big!!” as they take your height down to their knees, you see people like this.. People watching win!

and then you go home from all the ridiculousness and your dad (who’s a hospitality pro) offers you Irish Whiskey and fruit in fancy glasses.

And then he texts you a picture of what you look like after you’ve finished your fancy pants drink.

what a weekend…

let’s get this party started

i am in full wedding mode!!! and i’m not even getting married.

if you look at my fridge you’d think i made a hobby of collecting save the dates and bridal shower and wedding invitations. we call it the wedding corner. i think at one point we celebrated being able to take them down…

i love watching my friends and family professing their love for one another in front of a ton of people. i love the beautiful pictures that are shared for all of facebook to see the day after the event. i love the gamble of whether the food is going to be delicious or if i am going to have to eat before i go. i love that adam and i have made date nights of all these weddings we go to.

i’ve recently been asked to make a groom’s cake and now it’s consuming my life. i’ve got loads of ideas and not enough self confidence. so we’ll see how that goes…

my closet has exploded with all sorts of awesome new dresses. weddings make me love shopping. i like to take a stroll through the local forever 21 and everything i fall in love with happens to be wedding wear. i even have a wedding wear board on pinterest that’s complete with makeup and hair ideas as well. thanks to weddings i have started stressing like a girl again.  i love it! i need more dresses in my life.

i’m such a pro at weddings. although i’ve also spread the word to friends and family that no one is allowed to get married this year because i’m wedding-ed out. and as much as i love weddings, i’ve seen it all… i’m over bridal party speeches, weddings without open bars, and not being able to stay late enough to eat cake. i’ve learned that i love short ceremonies, outdoor receptions, and when the bride and groom takes the time to mingle with their guests.

we have one more wedding to go and we are most excited to go to this one. it’s our two great friends of the past 7 years getting married at our favorite brewery. crazy excited about it! now i have to go bake some cakes…



setting trends

so now that i’ve told you some  little known facts about me, let me tell you a little more about those little known facts…..

it all started when i was a tiny baby (with a sweet full head of beautiful thick dark hair)…

i started working out at a young age (2 years old ashley knew what was up)…

somewhere around 7 years old i (still with my awesome hair-thanks to a perm) fell off the healthy bandwagon and started hiding behind over-sized disney sweaters…

and laughed  because i was so fat and took to hiding behind humor (and over-sized shirts and too light denim) but secretly knew i was setting a new trend- childhood obesity …

still setting trends by mixing patterns, ballooned to such a large size i had to wear mom jeans…

following in the trends of the times- wide legged cargo pants and converse-  i was quite unaware of my size throughout middle school and didn’t think it was an issue…

and then at the end of my high school years, i joined the soccer team and decided to only eat when i was starving (and apparently hit the bottle in france that summer) and then i was the smallest i’ve ever been…

and then at the start of college after i moved in with that one guy i gained some weight back…

and then after breaking up with said boy and hitting the gym super hard and being stressed out (and then dating some new hunky dude named adam) i was back to being a much smaller individual…

and after moving in with that super hunk i’ve gained some weight back and i’m working crazy hard (think training for a 10k) at getting back to the size i was most comfortable being.

so when i say i was a fatty and no one believes me i guess i can refer them to this pretty embarrassing post about my very apparent struggle with food aka being a trendsetter.

my 9

i’ve been tagged!!!

that’s right! College Girl Cooking slapped me with a Blissful Blogger Award.

The Rules: Write 9 things that most people don’t know about you. here goes…

9 things most people don’t know about me…

1. i was a fatty. like unhealthy obese fatty mcgee. its a wonder no one did anything but that was the 90s and now obesity is an epidemic.
2. i majored in nutrition (food administration) and french at chico state. oui oui je parle je comprend je traveled to france several times. and i majored in food admin because i have a passion for all things food.

3. i am very set in my ways. for a 25 year old i am veeeery particular about everything. once i find a way to do things that is how things must be done.

4. i have been blogging for a while. check out my abandoned blog i switched to this valley life when i started my life in modesto with my love and our pup. i had dug myself into a food blogging rut and this blog offers me more freedom to chat about ridiculous things like riding my bike and painting bathrooms.

5. i love/crave/thrive on change. i love to move, dye my hair (actually doing that as i type), change my style, paint my walls… anything that’ll let me experience new things.

6. i am quite loyal. i may not have many friends or family but once i let you into my circle i will do most anything for you. i may not be nice to everyone but those closest to me mean everything.

7. i speak my mind. it may or may not be the right thing to say but if you ask me for advice i will give it to you. you can text me with an emotional breakdown at 7 in the morning and i will chat you through it. just be ready to hear the good side, the bad side, and the most realistic side.

8. i miss chico. it was tiny and such a pain to adjust to (and it took me nearly 3 years to adjust) but somewhere in the depths of my heart there is a spot for my tiny chico town. it was the only place ive ever really considered my hometown.

9. i grew up wanting to be a dentist. hermy the elf/dentist from rudolph the red nosed reindeer movie was my idol. then i realized med school is too long and arduous for me. so then i wanted to be a writer. when i barely got through college english my hopes and dreams came crashing down.

well. that was refreshing. it’s amazing how open and honest i’ve become lately, especially with this blog. and thanks for listening/reading.

now… who am i going to tag…??

1. Christa @christagins

2. Dave @davenadkarni

3. Malarie @themalarie

4. Jessica @morrisonlane

5. *

6. *

7. *

**lets pretend that the three blank blogger spaces are blank because that’s how many weeks i waited to post this because i’m so embarrassed for myself. glad you all enjoyed sharing my embarrassment. thaaaaanks!!

four out of five

four down one to go! thats right- five weddings in total this year.

last Sunday the family and I went out to Lodi for a lovely evening wedding at a winery. Here’s a picture dump of the festivities.

Hair do

What I was going for

From the front

Being excited about my outfit/filled with bubbly

Nails. And said bubbly.

They make great door stops

Best looking cousins ever

my parents looking snazzy

the guys

me and my parents

Me and my love





me and my love

hi dad

hi parents

10k day!!!

Otherwise known as the day I ran like the wind.
Or The day I ran my first 10k. The whole thing. No stopping. Not even to eat my clif gel pack.
No way. I ran like I’ve never run before.
When I crossed the finish line and told Adam to come look at the booths with me he wasn’t even finished getting ready.

I took a pre race picture.

Then I took a post race picture.

And the runkeeper screen shot.

Grabbed a frisbee from one of the booths.. Of course Sierra loves it- it’s free

Nothing tastes better than a post race recovery beer. Read somewhere it’s the ultimate recovery drink.. Hey it’s science!

And then I took a nap 🙂