the beast that lives in our house

as much as i love waking up to this face

that sweet little girl can be a terror. she’s a chewer. sometimes. she tears apart golf balls, learning toys, and sticks. but she won’t tear apart her cuddle buddy, Bear.

since i started working two jobs and i’m not home to hang out with her anymore, she’s been hanging out in the kitchen all day. she gets into the trash bin if we forget to lock it. she grabs things off the counters and chews them… so by the time i get home this is what it looks like.

in an effort to keep our lady from getting into trouble everyday and to keep my stuff from being eaten, we’ve been keeping her outside. as far as we know she’s enjoying running around in the backyard all day. she has a spot under a tree where she lays and plays with all of her toys. whenever she gets a new toy or stick she carries it to her spot in the yard. because of this, that spot of grass has seen better days.

but the ultimate problem is her grabbing things off the counters and strewing trash everywhere. we are both at our wit’s end with her and don’t know what else to do. i’d hate to keep her out there in the heat (and the upcoming cold) but i also am so sick of her tearing the kitchen apart.

have you or anyone you know had puppy problems?


8 thoughts on “the beast that lives in our house

  1. Kelly

    We used to keep Jax in the kitchen with very tall metal baby gates. They worked very well. Let me see if I can find them and send you the link. Kelly

    1. We kept Sierra in the kitchen. Til she started grabbing things off the high table and the counters. But I think she likes outside. She doesn’t even notice when I come home because she’s too into her toys and wandering around the backyard.

  2. she is Adorable. my big boy learned not to grab things the hard way. he swallowed a Lot of saran wrap and since i had a friend whose dog almost died from similar i called the vet. who had me force salt water down his throat in an attempt to make him throw it up. so as far as he is concerned stealing thngs results in being held down and tortured. i do not suggest that approach though. as long as she is happy and not destructive out there i saw let her be outside. and if she needs to stay in perhaps clear the counters? good luck training her to stay away from counter stuff.

    1. Oh no!! That sounds so scary!
      Sierra is actually loving being outside most of the day. It’s nice 🙂 she really is too big for the kitchen and all of her toys and sticks are outside anyway. Hope this works out well for everyone.

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