so this one time..

When I got hit by a car…

I was riding my bike from BFs house to school for my last final of the semester. It was may of 09 and I had 10 minutes and 1 block to go to freedom. It was 9:50am. It was me and my bike and a basket full of textbooks to turn into cash after my final. At the intersection of ADPi and a random admin building I came to a stop, looked both ways, and noticed a car opposite me who was totally taking too long to stop. So I waited. And waited. And looked both ways and went for it. It was the dreaded marketing final that I was ready to pass!!

And then it happened. And this is where it happens from other peoples perspectives. All I remember after that is yelling and seeing my books in the air above my head.


When I came to (Fun Fact! My defense mechanism is passing out) I was face down in the middle of chestnut and third. What I remember hearing was an old sounding man telling me not to move but wiggle my toes and fingers. That he heard yelling and screeching of tires and ran from the admin building.

Next thing I know some girl is digging through my purse and yelling hysterically on my phone. What the heck is this lady doing!? Who is she calling and why is she in my purse!? Mind you I can’t do a thing bc I’m face down and cant move (old mans orders).

And the phone call Adam got went something like this:
“Uhh you ran over my girlfriend!?!?where is she?”

That’s when old man grabbed the phone and told whoever she called that I was ok and where exactly I was.

By this time the ambulance had come. I told them my ankle was deeefinitely sprained and my knee hurt like hell. And wouldn’t you know it.. When you wear your favorite/only pair of jeans that’s when the EMT cuts your pant leg up. Yup. Juuust one. After getting shoved onto a gurney and yapping with ginger cop (yup. He was a ginger. Also stored my bike at the campus police station. What a sweety) Adam showed up huffing and puffing. (that week we had misplaced Adams car keys. Couldn’t find them if our lives depended on it) after saying hey what’s up love and him gasping for air we were both shoved into an ambulance. I called my stepmom first. Because dad would’ve totally flipped. (yeah I’m in the bad side of an ambulance and i was making calls)


We got to the ER and from there it was a blur. Lots of intern nurses who ran me into walls and tried to roll my bed around without unlocking the wheels. Geniuses. Then there was the intern who tried to xray my arm while I still had nasty road rash. Geniuses I tell you. Then I got a tetanus shot. Eff that nurse who pulled that. I got hit by a car I don’t want a shot too!!

So when all was said and done Adam and I left the hospital. Me, limping and looking like i was wearing pirate pants and him, wondering where he parked his car (that he didn’t have because he ran 7 blocks to the site of The Accident).

Moral of the story: don’t wear your favorite jeans while biking to your final two days before your 23rd birthday/three days before walking the stage at commencement.



4 thoughts on “so this one time..

  1. yikes. i am glad you were ok. getting hit by a car sounds like something I would love to never experience. also, i wonder if they do that clothes cutting thing on clothes you love on purpose? they leave the shirt/shorts you don’t care about but do cut the one you love.

  2. OMG that’s a crazy story! I am so glad that you’re alright. I mean even if it was a while ago that’s still an insane story! i probably would trip over my clothes being ripped than knowing I’m alright, lol

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