oh so tasty

one day a couple of years ago while i was getting my tweet on  i read a tweet from @carinaost announcing she had an extra ticket to the SF Tasty Awards. after looking it up and seeing it was hosted by Zane Lamprey (who is my 1- i guess more on that later) i said hey why not its not like im doing anything else. i told her i’d gladly be her date and it was all set.

after i had come to my senses i realized i had nothing to wear to an awards show. i’d never been to such a thing and obviously had nothing up to award show standards in my closet. i set out for the only place i know that i could find a cute cocktail dress for a bargain- Forever 21. and let me tell you i cant make a decision to save my life. i take 20 things into the dressing room (yes i try things on) and usually (if im lucky) come out with 1 thing. long story short i found the cutest cocktail dress that is/has been my favorite cocktail ever since. then i ran to my step-mom’s favorite store because she always finds awesome things there and so did i! i found a cute pair of shoes! for under $50 i had my award show outfit! after borrowing some awesome earrings from awesomejewelrycollectionmom kathy i was set and ready to go!


the award show was kind of cool. seeing a lot of great clips from cooking shows i had no idea existed.


and then the awesome part! the after party!

they had these weird harajuku girls walking around. (we were in Japan Town by the way) so we had to take a picture looking awesome next to them…

the official picture taken at the after party (from their flickr)…


and the winners of the awards…


should’ve been winner for best outfit..


and winner for best use of award….

i love leslie. her show Check, Please is awesome.


and winner for making me swoon all night and indulging me when i told him it was my dream to have a drink with him….



although… here’s the first picture we took.. ACK! where’s my face!


then i went home.. swooning on my drive back.

swooning when i got home and was getting into my pjs……


and then i realized i was human.


my underpants had been on inside out the whole night.


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