on the run

so my 10k is a week away and im shaking in my boots. i’ve been going on long runs both at the gym and in the neighborhood. and even though i do go for runs i do not consider myself a runner. i hate running. i get bored, i start hurting, and i am always thinking of the finish line.

in an effort to help my runs go a little smoother i’ve invested in some sweet/performance running gear.

i’ve been eying this tank for a month now. i finally gave in and said i need this for my runs and you know what- im glad i did.

so.. my runs go pretty well for the most part. i’ve noticed i require A LOT of water during my runs. my body shuts down and as long as i stay hydrated i’m good to go. glad this pack has a zip pouch so i can store some bars or goo stuff so i can keep energized.

my shoes i bought a while back.. maybe two months ago. i needed/wanted new running shoes. my previous running shoes were 6 years old (?). they were from freshman year of college. 2004. yeah. i love these. weirdly/oddly they actually do propel you forward. its a strange feeling and it took me a while to get used to it but now i love it.

i’m still running with some old old navy running shorts i got over 5 years ago. once i find some nice comfy ones i will upgrade. its time, i think.


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