my 9

i’ve been tagged!!!

that’s right! College Girl Cooking slapped me with a Blissful Blogger Award.

The Rules: Write 9 things that most people don’t know about you. here goes…

9 things most people don’t know about me…

1. i was a fatty. like unhealthy obese fatty mcgee. its a wonder no one did anything but that was the 90s and now obesity is an epidemic.
2. i majored in nutrition (food administration) and french at chico state. oui oui je parle je comprend je traveled to france several times. and i majored in food admin because i have a passion for all things food.

3. i am very set in my ways. for a 25 year old i am veeeery particular about everything. once i find a way to do things that is how things must be done.

4. i have been blogging for a while. check out my abandoned blog i switched to this valley life when i started my life in modesto with my love and our pup. i had dug myself into a food blogging rut and this blog offers me more freedom to chat about ridiculous things like riding my bike and painting bathrooms.

5. i love/crave/thrive on change. i love to move, dye my hair (actually doing that as i type), change my style, paint my walls… anything that’ll let me experience new things.

6. i am quite loyal. i may not have many friends or family but once i let you into my circle i will do most anything for you. i may not be nice to everyone but those closest to me mean everything.

7. i speak my mind. it may or may not be the right thing to say but if you ask me for advice i will give it to you. you can text me with an emotional breakdown at 7 in the morning and i will chat you through it. just be ready to hear the good side, the bad side, and the most realistic side.

8. i miss chico. it was tiny and such a pain to adjust to (and it took me nearly 3 years to adjust) but somewhere in the depths of my heart there is a spot for my tiny chico town. it was the only place ive ever really considered my hometown.

9. i grew up wanting to be a dentist. hermy the elf/dentist from rudolph the red nosed reindeer movie was my idol. then i realized med school is too long and arduous for me. so then i wanted to be a writer. when i barely got through college english my hopes and dreams came crashing down.

well. that was refreshing. it’s amazing how open and honest i’ve become lately, especially with this blog. and thanks for listening/reading.

now… who am i going to tag…??

1. Christa @christagins

2. Dave @davenadkarni

3. Malarie @themalarie

4. Jessica @morrisonlane

5. *

6. *

7. *

**lets pretend that the three blank blogger spaces are blank because that’s how many weeks i waited to post this because i’m so embarrassed for myself. glad you all enjoyed sharing my embarrassment. thaaaaanks!!


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