let’s get this party started

i am in full wedding mode!!! and i’m not even getting married.

if you look at my fridge you’d think i made a hobby of collecting save the dates and bridal shower and wedding invitations. we call it the wedding corner. i think at one point we celebrated being able to take them down…

i love watching my friends and family professing their love for one another in front of a ton of people. i love the beautiful pictures that are shared for all of facebook to see the day after the event. i love the gamble of whether the food is going to be delicious or if i am going to have to eat before i go. i love that adam and i have made date nights of all these weddings we go to.

i’ve recently been asked to make a groom’s cake and now it’s consuming my life. i’ve got loads of ideas and not enough self confidence. so we’ll see how that goes…

my closet has exploded with all sorts of awesome new dresses. weddings make me love shopping. i like to take a stroll through the local forever 21 and everything i fall in love with happens to be wedding wear. i even have a wedding wear board on pinterest that’s complete with makeup and hair ideas as well. thanks to weddings i have started stressing like a girl again.  i love it! i need more dresses in my life.

i’m such a pro at weddings. although i’ve also spread the word to friends and family that no one is allowed to get married this year because i’m wedding-ed out. and as much as i love weddings, i’ve seen it all… i’m over bridal party speeches, weddings without open bars, and not being able to stay late enough to eat cake. i’ve learned that i love short ceremonies, outdoor receptions, and when the bride and groom takes the time to mingle with their guests.

we have one more wedding to go and we are most excited to go to this one. it’s our two great friends of the past 7 years getting married at our favorite brewery. crazy excited about it! now i have to go bake some cakes…




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