i’m spent.

last weekend was nuts. we were planning on going out of town for our very good friend’s wedding. they’re adorable, we love them, and this was an especially celebratory weekend for Adam and I because it was the last wedding of the year. five out of five. we were psyched! two weeks ago the bride called me and asked me to make her man his groom’s cake- anything chocolate, she said. so after a few days of thinking i knew i was going to make him chocolate stout cake and cake pops would fit nicely in a sierra nevada tin bucket she had. i loved the idea. but as i was baking the cake pops it just didnt sit right with me. she got her big tiered wedding cake, why didnt he get his cake? so i decided i’d make a cake. a cake in the shape of a pint glass. cover it in fondant and surprise them. (im telling you- these guys have been our friends since freshman year of college- 2004)

so last week i was frantically baking and stacking these gorgeously delicious cakes. (Bailey’s buttercream is officially my favorite frosting)


so i stacked and prayed they would stay stacked. then i looked at it and grabbed a pint glass. i measured (i’m a geek). i held my breath. i shook in my sweatpants. i started carving the cake. i yelled at sierra for trying to eat the crumbs. i text everyone i knew a picture for approval.


then i spun it around and made little slices here and there and-

every time i use a bread knife i slice into my finger. this one started out fine. washed my hands, put pressure, nothing happened. i was fine. two minutes later it was bad. it bled for an hour. i butterfly bandaged it. it put a regular bandage on it. i wrapped it in a paper towel and taped it up.


after all the hubbub i went back to work. i was happy with the shape. i did not want to chop into anything anymore. i figured it was symmetrical looking enough and i did good. so i did a quick crumb coat.


while the naked cake sat in the fridge, i mixed and formed the cake pops. and while they sat in the freezer i got the fondant put together and made more frosting.

that night i dipped the cake pops in milk chocolate and went to go throw some fondant on the naked cake. so i grabbed the fondant and started to color it. well it was just my luck that at 9 at night my fondant turned purple instead of black. now i’ve worked with black coloring before (remember Adam’s 24 cheesecake? it was epic) and this time it would not color. pissed off and feeling like a failure, Adam and i headed to target to see if they’d have coloring. they didn’t so i decided to cover it in butter cream. got home and realized i didn’t have anymore Bailey’s and there was no way i wasn’t going to stick with that flavor. so while Adam ran out to obtain some, i stared making chocolate buttercream and frosting the cake. it didn’t look horrible, i was just iffy because it wasn’t my original plan.

whatever. i put it in the fridge and went to bed. the next morning i got up super early and started to get ready. well, as ready as i could’ve gotten. the wedding was at 3 and we were leaving here at 10 (travel time of 2 hours) so i didn’t want to do full hair and makeup and have it go bad by the time i got there. i also didn’t want cake on my dress so i wore my regular clothes. adam also decided he had to wash his wedding clothes that morning (even though i’d asked him a few days before if he needed anything washed) and that he needed a tie. oh and to get his car washed. so after all was said and done i ended up at the house at 9:30 and packing and grabbing cake pops and not knowing how i was going to transport this 10 pound cake.

so as i was walking the cake pops to the car it was only fitting that i dropped a foam block full of them in the yard. yup. that was that. i was fuming. and just kept going because we were on a time line and i ruined the biggest favor of my lifetime.

the cake pops and cake made it to chico just fine. i took them to the bride’s house to get the tin to put them in so i could get it all together and take it to the venue.


it was perfect. adam and i whisked them off to the venue but had to make a pit stop at the hotel to grab the keys from our friends before they left to usher at the wedding. we left the pops in the car because i didn’t want to drop them again with all the transportation. i quickly did my makeup and threw on my dress and we headed back to the car. well… again i had ruined the biggest favor of my life.


and that is just the aftermath. when we had gotten back to the car about 10 of them had melted and fallen off their sticks. adam left them on the front seat and blasted them with the AC.

if there was ever a time in my life that i should’ve let out a few swears that would’ve been it. i don’t swear and even when thing like this piss me off all i can muster is a “crap” or a “poo” or even a “stink”. ill hem and haw and huff and puff and that is the extent of that.

so at this point in my life we had to drop off these pops that were in desperate need of repair. luckily i had made extras to give to Adam’s parents and luckily i still had them because i had dropped the ones i was going to give to the groom that morning. oh yeah- adam also needed to go to the mall to get a tie and i was starving and we had about 15 minutes til wedding time. so we were both not in the best mood.

but we saw the ceremony site at the Neighborhood Church and it was just so pretty. and we saw our friends. and we saw that we had actually matched our outfits to one of our friend’s. it was cute. (we also didn’t get any nice pictures of us together. makes me sad.)

and after i cried like a baby at the ceremony, we went to the reception. ladies and gentlemen, the Sierra Nevada Big Room…


yeah. we sat by the head table. we are just that awesome.


this is my boyfriend, he’s 25…

then we were “those people” and attacked the ladies who were passing appetizers. and then “those people” who couldn’t wait for dinner.



after all was said and done i think we were all wedding-ed out. (3pm-11pm is a long time to eat, drink, and boogie down).


but being the early risers that we are, adam and i woke up crazy early (that’s the view from our executive suite at Hotel Diamond) and started bugging people to go to breakfast at Nash’s.



after an amazing breakfast we said our good-byes and got on the road. since adam had indulged in champagne brunch, i drove his car home. and just to add insult to injury, the frosting on the cake, top it all off…


i think i broke everything i touched this past weekend. i’m over it.


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3 thoughts on “i’m spent.

  1. kathy


    I am dying, could anything else go wrong…..sound like you had a blast. The cake looks so amazing. I have never seen your dad go so crazy over something, he loved your cake pops.

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