post race shenanigans!

after our race (that we did AWESOME on) (and obviously post-race refueling and showering) we hit the road!!!

let me tell you- don’t run a race then get in the car and drive for 2 hours (it does nothing for your muscles).

but! the combo of the race and the drive sure makes you work up an appetite. so we headed to our favorite bar/burger joint. THE BEAR!! so we waited in line line, adam grabbed beers while i ordered and we actually found a great spot to sit! so while we were waiting we had plenty of time to sit and goof off.

here is adam making fun of my middle name…

here is me and my ridiculously long hair…

oh look its the bear in all its ridiculous glory!

and then…. the best curly fries ever!!!

and because i’m completely nuts and wanted a new chico sweatshirt every time we go to chico we headed towards campus.

and then i had to pose with these new pillars they put up…

and after all that jazz and adam calling me a tourist and not finding a cute sweatshirt i found this!!!!

so since we were right on time to check into our hotel we left downtown and went to go check-in. funny story here. so we bought our tickets to this particular weekend shenanigan the day they went on sale- September 1st. we booked our hotel maybe 3 days later through the weekend before our trip up to chico adam got an email saying we no longer had a room at the hotel we booked (which is the cheapest hotel you can find and its right downtown). so after about an hour of being on the phone and being hung up on the hotel attendant told adam he found us a hotel! well good thing about the hotel- it was about a mile away from the shenanigan. bad thing- it was in a sketchy area and about 4 miles from downtown. well, we took it because a sketchy hotel is better than no hotel. and turns out it wasn’t too bad of a room it was just ridiculously far from downtown. turns out everyone and their mom (literally) was in town for chico experience week- the huge student/alumni/family fun week where they keep the bookstore open on weekends and you can take tours of the whole place and cause major back-up at the bear when people just want to eat some food.

so… now we come to the good part! the shenanigans!!!

yeah… it was here….


my artsy fartsy stein picture…

and since chico is known for its SPECATACULAR glass blowing…. they had demonstrations!!

ok… so the most fun thing about oktoberfest was you could send official oktoberfest postcards to all your loved ones that couldn’t make it out to chico.

the big beer truck!!

adam let me get pretzels after i begged all day… and then he said how delicious they were… (i won that battle!!)

oh! theres a pig on the condiment table!

then there was dinner… brat, pork, beef, potatoes, sauerkraut, and salad. to die for!! sierra nevada has the BEST food. and beer.

happy bellies full of beers and brats equal happy smiling faces!!

the tent was AMAZING!

and then the bands that were playing into the wee hours of oktoberfest!!! every song was the chicken dance. i kid you not. ive never chicken danced harder in my life.

happy oktoberfest!!!! i’m making this an annual thing.

aaaaaand here are your links: <— best school ever. send your kids!





bracelet- (adam took the daggers off for me)


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