how bizarre

i dont know if it was me or if it’s just the valley crazies but this past saturday was bizarre.

it started out bad- woke up totally stuffed up and feeling like a zombie. but i was on a mission to go to the farmers market. this past weekend was the first weekend being home in a very long time and i wanted some bacon on a stick.


i also discovered a new fruit.. bitter melon!


and got to experience Occupy Modesto! (all two of them)


after we went for a stroll through the market adam went to go buy a new video game. being the awesome girlfriend that i am, i let adam have his video game time while i went out to find a new pair of jeans and maybe look out for a halloween costume.

before i started feeling totally run down i had spotted a costume outfit.

then i heard “excuse me” so i looked up.

“can you tell me where your men’s section is?.. if you have a men’s section….”

without thinking, i directed the two guys to the men’s section. then i looked at what i was wearing..

obviously minus the coffee and baguette but still had my new chico state hat on (Go Wildcats!)

maybe i looked like i worked at forever 21…? i didnt think so but laughed it off.

as i headed to the fitting room it happened again!

a little old lady asked me which direction the mall was in.


and as if that wasnt weird enough flash forward 4 hours to the grocery run where we encountered this guy.

he asked if if we wanted to buy a snake. like you know an anaconda. and that if that wasn’t what we wanted he has 30 different types of reptiles at his house AND had a ball python in his car we could check out.



this is my life…



Pants- Gap

Shirt- Forever21

Tank- Tillys

Boots- Target

Necklace- Urban Outfitters

Purse- Trucker



4 thoughts on “how bizarre

  1. Mikael

    That is all way weird! Maybe you just looked like someone who knew their way around? In england I was frequently asked for directions… And random snakes? What the heck? He even looks fishy, no wonder he’s got so many snakes!

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