4 years…

me and adam have been together for 4 years.

and to help you get to know us as a couple and the kind of love we share, i’ve compiled some of our “firsts” from the past 4 years.



awww our first public outing as a couple… halloween 2007!!! i looked like a 12 year old (i was Pippi) and adam (Tom Cruise from Ricsky Business) wasn’t wearing pants. that’s just how we roll. (it also sparked our “we should totally have a to catch a predator themed halloween costume” idea)


our first Almond Blossom. trust me its huge in Adam’s hometown. i didn’t see any almonds or blossoms…


our first fancy outing- bar crawling in cocktail attire.


our first travel experience as a couple… new country (mexico), new silly faces…


our first golf outing. aren’t we sporty!



our first stupid photo shoot on the couch…

our first 4th of july celebration! go ‘merica!


our first concert together…


our first graduation!!


our first experience with adam buying a house/his birthday!


our first puppy…


our first home scare…remember the bubble?


our first wedding invitation/wedding…


our first 5k…



here’s to 4 more years of ridiculous firsts.


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