what i gathered from my weekend at foodbuzz festival

foodbuzz festival was awesome this year. friday night was fun. the tasting pavilion was to die for delicious. saturday dinner was…well..inspiring.

after getting home that night i grabbed whatever was closest (a napkin)



and scrawled out some noteworthy notes in the form of a list. i like lists. i apparently have terrible rushed penmanship.

so let me transcribe for you what i jotted down. directly from my napkin, i give you:


-Butter comes in all shapes & sizes (^notably) balls

  • i did not know this and nearly ate a ball of butter. apparently they come in turkey shapes for thanksgiving as well as bunny shapes for easter

-Looking for an after party? so is everyone else… and they’re lost & their shoes are more comfy than yours.

  • the after party could’ve been great if it wasn’t so far and if people followed through with their ideas

– Tyler Florence is a drinking game

  • try it. it’s fantastic!

– canada is real.& not just america’s better health cared hat.

– bloggers who are bigger than you (popular-wise) say to say hi & then it is really weird / stalkerish… especially if you do it twice.

  • somehow i got introduced to Joy the Baker twice. both times it was weird but the second time it was even more weird. maybe she remembered me because of it.

-piano bars on the 36th are for AARP members

  • the original plan was go upstairs and grab a drink… when we got there everyone had white hair and it wasn’t our scene.

-want followers? get a puppy or get married or have a baby.but not a fashion blog. bc i’m the only food blogger who reads them

  • people love puppies, parties, and babies. do it. you’ll gain followers!!

– joy the baker has a cute green bag- say hi to her even if her blog makes you fat just from looking at it

  • she has the best clothes. the end.

-dinner will be served an hour & 1/2 after it tells you to show up.

  • took way too long to get actual food. and not nearly enough apps for everyone at the table.

-no one wants to know you love kittens, crochet, coffee. (except me. i ❀ coffee, hate cats, & am teaching myself to crochet).

  • the panel leaders said it would be a lame twitter profile. if its what you love, then why not!(this is my twitter profile:
    i work out to support my eating habit. tater tots, cheese,ice cream, and gin are staples of my fridge/freezer http://www.thisvalleylife.com) rock it. own it. who am i to judge.

-twitter: you get it/have it or you dont. its ok. im not judging.

  • people don’t understand twitter. it’s ok. my college educated friends don’t get it and i think theyre smart people.

-people type aggressively. and they interrupt. and then are scary when they shout their name @ people.

  • that man was scary. and loud.

-eat in public. it makes people intrigued/uncomfy.

  • i don’t know what this note was about…

-don’t steal centerpieces. ever.

  • really bloggers?! really?!? i had to tell you that?

-everything in sep. buildings= BAD

  • foodbuzz- worst move ever.

hope you’ve enjoyed my few take-away points from the Fest. Next post will be about my session notes. hope you’re ready for some learning!



14 thoughts on “what i gathered from my weekend at foodbuzz festival

  1. Great list! Always remember: be yourself. Except if you only like kittens, crochet and coffee. Then you should blog about homemade wine and beer so we can ignore you properly.

    I read more fashion and home blogs than I do food blogs. Don’t feel bad.

    1. Aww that’s too bad you had to miss out but good to hear you can experience it through everyone’s posts. Promise more pictures and less humor πŸ™‚ it was a great weekend with Foodbuzz

  2. I also read fashion blogs. I have 15 in my reader. 3 about glee. one obnoxious one about celebs (tom & lorenzo?). I also read sewing / crochet blogs.

    I like coffee, crochet, and my kittens. Also wine. Are you guys going to ignore me now? haha

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