saturday session notes

now ..this past festival was not my first rodeo. i had gone to foodbuzz last year and blogher food the year before. i am no stranger to sessions. i never get the ones i want an always have to crash a session. its almost like trying to get into a class in college.

this year i forgot my notebook. typical. luckily i had my registration paper and i always carry at least 2 pens and a pencil in my purse.


yeah well as cryptic as that is (especially the flow charty one) let me show you just exactly what i learned.


pictures are supposed to be MASSIVE with writing on them and aligned with the text (which looks to be justified). and 14 pictures per post. so.. hope youre PUMPED for massive quantities and sizes of pictures!!!!

and napkins. lots of napkins. like 85. and spending sunday nights ironing them and buying a special cabinet for them.



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