Sunday Funday

I left the house today!
Yes this is a huge deal because I’ve been having non stop migraines the past week that have confined me to my room. I pulled the shades, I closed the door, and I hid under the covers and dealt with the pain. But enough of that.

I went wine tasting today! Newly Wife Emily told me she was pouring wine at a nearby winery and that it would be fun to visit. And visit I did!
I’ve never been wine tasting at a winery so I had no idea what to expect. I was in awe.


It was sooo pretty. The weather was perfect. The sun hit the grape leaves and made them glow. Adam totally missed out because he stayed home and watched the Niners game.


I tasted a Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah, and a Zinfandel. My taste in wine is baffling. I used to love Merlot and all reds in general but lately I’ve really been branching out. The Chardonnay was so crisp and, like Emily’s dad said “dude, this would go great with fish tacos” (he’s some sort of awesome). Even the Zinfandel was pleasing to my palate.


The Wood Family Vineyard is just that, a place for family. Everyone who was there was treated like family. They welcome you with open arms and plenty of delicious wine. Young kids with their parents, the most senior of wine aficionados, and everyone in between was outdoors, basking in the sun, and having a great time. It is by no means a wine snob’s winery and that can be seen just from looking at their logo (or the matching Woody in the drive).


If you ever have the chance to head on out to Livermore to go wine tasting, stop by Wood Family Vineyards. You and your family will feel right at home.



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