Movie Monday- Love Story

I love a good sappy movie. Especially when I’m sick or it’s cold or I just need a good cry. This past week I was stressed, cold, and sick (of eating turkey). I ended up getting home before Adam from my family Thanksgiving and I took full advantage of being on my own. I popped in one of my favorite movies of all time (that also happens to fall under the Christmas category). I popped in Love Story, grabbed an Anchor Christmas Ale and snuggled up under a heavy blanket. The only thing I was missing was a good, warm, comfy food. And since Adam had eaten through about 90 of the 100 gnocchi I had made and frozen, I didn’t have much to work with. When in doubt, add cheese. And maybe some booze. And that is what I did.

Creamy Boozy Gnocchi









1. Put a pan on high on your best burner. I put mine on my second best burner because it was bigger than my best burner. I have an electric coil stove so none of them are really that good or get that hot.

2. Throw in about 1 TB of butter. When it’s good and melted throw in your gnocchi. I had about two handfuls of gnocchi so that’s what I used. While it’s doing its thing, hunt for anything else that would be yummy in your gnocchi dish.

3. Grab your Boozy part (I used Marsala) and do one swirl around your pan. I’d say about 1/4c maybe less.

4. Take your Creamy part (I happened to have whipping cream) and pour in the same amount as your Boozy part.

5. Throw in your Add-ins (I used leftover mushrooms).

6.. While your pan is still making scary bubbly noises grate your cheese. Grate enough to steal a taste and to share with your puppy. About a handful is good.

7. Turn off your burner and throw in your cheese.

8. Frantically search for a bowl because your forgot that part of making food. It’s ok, it gives the cheese time to melt.

I added a little shave of Parm on the top for good measure. For my first spontaneous cooking adventure I’d say I did preeeetty good.


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