All I want for Christmas…

Ah, December…

The end of the year. The never ending “Oh my goodness it’s December!!” exclamations on Facebook and Twitter. It’s true, I’m just as shocked.

It’s windy, it’s chilly, and my hands are all dry, and everything I use on a daily basis is almost gone. My Murad starter pack (that was supposed to last for a month) (the same one I bought in July) is full of nearly empty bottles, I’ve been doing the tap of death on my Bare Minerals foundation and mineral veil for weeks, I’m smacking the body wash container to get out every last drop, and for some reason I feel like half my socks and my underpants have been eaten by the black widows that live by the dryer.

Wouldn’t you know…when it’s the season for giving I’m wondering if it would be so awful to replenish my own stuff. It’s not like I’m not thinking of everyone else but really people do you want to hang out with me in public when I’m not wearing makeup!? Exactly.

It’s just that time of year. I buy makeup twice a year and, with the schedule I’ve been on, its around my birthday and Christmas. And I’ve been saving money this year by not buying body wash! No, it’s not because I don’t shower. I just lucked out last Christmas and got three bottles of festively scented Philosophy body wash. That explains why I’ve smelled like cinnamon buns all year as well. When it comes to Christmas it’s more about what I need. When Adam asked what I wanted for Christmas I told him gift certificates.. and socks. How fun is that!

So without further ado here is my very practical, but still very much appreciated, but not very fun Christmas list.


Target Gift Card

Is this fun? No. Would I love this? YES! I can buy groceries and t-shirts at the same store?! Why is that a question because that is exactly what I have been doing. I love Target. I buy my cereal, garbage bags, shoes, and clothes all at one store. Love it. I am always there because I never remember anything on my list until I get to my car.


Seriously. I need more warm socks. I love these socks in black. Look how cute they are. SmartWool socks are awesome. I bet they’d be great boot socks. But when I’m not wearing the only pair of boots I own, I love wearing knee high socks under my jeans to keep my legs warm. Currently I only own two matching pairs of boot socks- one with hearts and one with shamrocks. Target always has a ton of cute knee high socks but instead of shelling out all my money on cute new ones,  I like to steal Adam’s dress socks. Economical!

Victoria’s Secret Gift Card

Well this is going to get really awkward really quick… I need underpants and I like their PINK line. Again- practicality this Christmas.


Sephora Gift Card

Probably my favorite gift to get. I love seeing that tiny black and white box in my stocking. It’s no lie I love make-up and my stash is dwindling. I love Sephora. I know my local Sephora layout by heart. I’m always going there to check out new products (I’m currently loving the new BE The Playlist holiday eyeshadow palette. If you haven’t seen it go check it out) and to snag refills of my favorites (Bare Escentuals foundation and Murad Acne Complex Starter Kit).


When in doubt, give cash. It’s not a whole lot of fun but it’s a gift everyone can enjoy.  I’m a big fan of it and seem to always be in need of it. And really, who am I kidding.. I would just use it to buy socks and cereal anyway. I know… Super exciting. Or I could start a My Trip to Reno for New Year’s Eve fund because Adam and I are going to Reno with some friends for New Year’s Eve and as of right now I do not have any spending money.


So there is my Boring Christmas List of Things I Need. I love it. I love gift cards. What’s your favorite gift card to get in your stocking?


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