Martini Monday

Today was a bit of a lazy day. As in this is what we had for dinner.


It was good. It was quick. But today’s focus wasn’t on the meal.
I wanted to switch things up a bit and introduce an idea brought up by a fellow blogger.


Martini Mondays!!! as invented by Leah from Leftovers For Lunch

For today’s martini we went classic. Well… classic for us. Adam and I like our martinis half gin and half vermouth.


We’ve been a little spoiled with our martini making ever since I got a bottle of Sonoma Syrup Co olive juice at the Foodbuzz taste pavilion. As someone who doesn’t like olive juice in their martini I’m still quite smitten with tonight’s martini.



One thought on “Martini Monday

  1. So the pictures were taking a minute to load in my reader and I saw “this is what I had for dinner,” followed by a picture of the makings of a martini. I laughed, then realized there was a risotto picture that had simply not loaded yet. hehe

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