Last Minute Gift Ideas


or maybe you’re saying “I have no idea what to get (insert family member’s name here) for Christmas”.

You know what I’m talking about. (I hear it from Adam every year) My tip? Think of everyone you have to shop for and think of everything they have in common.

Thinking of cute and practical things for all ages? Go to Target. They have cool toys, pretty sweaters, fun boot socks, cameras, and even Kindles. It’s crazy how awesome Target it.

Want to pamper your friends and family? Go to Sephora. Body washes,  wonderful kits full of moisturizers, nail polishes, and even shave sets for the guys.

Don’t have any clue what to get anyone but you know you want it to be fun and unique? Go to It has everything- vases, pillows, sweaters, kitchen goods, and even cute baby things.

There are a few fun go-to presents that I love to give because I think they fit everyone I love. They can be found in your favorite store, your loved one’s favorite store, or online in your loved one’s favorite color.


Watches are amazing. My personal favorites come from Nixon and Fossil. Both companies make great products that last a lifetime and are sure to wow. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors and materials (and price points). They make great styles for both men and women (Nixon even makes women versions -aka smaller- of the guy’s watches for ladies who fall in love with the watch they gave their man).

Anyone can wear a scarf. The Gap has amazing scarves for men and women. So does American Eagle. Target even has cute ones with matching gloves. Who doesn’t love something cozy and warm for cold weather months?

I think gifting someone a scent is the best. It’s snazzy looking, lasts throughout the year, and shows your loved one you spent a while thinking of what scent would be most fitting. The great thing about perfumes now is most of them come as a rollerball. They’re not only cheaper but they are portable- perfect for holiday travels. If you don’t know which they would like, Sephora has these great sample sets (in colognes too) that let your loved one discover their new favorite scent.

There is nothing better than someone gifting you something that is too luxurious for your budget. Or so you thought! I thought my Murad kit was out of my budget then I used it and decided my face being clear was totally worth it, but I digress… Who wouldn’t love a cute eyeshadow palette or shave kit?! I bought Adam a Jack Black kit and now it’s his favorite and he love love loves using all the products in the line (especially the supreme cream triple moisture shave lather- ladies if you gift your man nothing else they’ll still be happy plus it’ll give you a super smooth close shave too). If I know the person who I’m buying the gift loves fragrance or color then I go for it, if I don’t then I always pick a makeup palette in neutral colors (Benefit is great) or face kit that is fragrance free (I love Clinique kits for men).

Well, those are my favorite go-to presents for my favorite people. Hope they’ve helped you in your last minute quest for the perfect present for your loved ones.


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