Hello there, 2012

Howdy! Hope your Christmas/Hanukkah/kwanza/new years eve celebrations were spectacular!

I spent the last week of 2011 with the death flu so I’m hoping that means it was such a 2011 thing and won’t haunt me again in 2012.

Adam and I took a little adventure over to the biggest little city of Reno for NYE. Us and 5 of our closest friends. That comes out to a total of three couples and a single guy. Let the hilarity ensue!


We got to Reno Friday evening. And boy was it cold! We also got lost trying to find the parking structure. I guess everyone else had the same idea for the holiday because Silver Legacy was packed.


So we went up to our rooms and we checked them out.


Yes that was in our friends room. We also dropped our BevMo loot in their room.



Then I pulled my first of many outfit changes and we headed out for dinner.



When you ask for a cup of coffee in Reno they give you the whole pot! (then your friends proceed to make fun of you for finishing it)


After dinner everyone hitcasino lack jack tables! Except me. So I had dessert! Trio of creme brûlée please!


Stay tuned for day two…


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