Ringing in the new year

Saturday started with a cute outfit.


And a fun breakfast.


Of course, being the early risers that we are, Adam and I got up about two hours before our friends and even our roomie. So we got all ready then demanded we start the day with buffet champagne brunch! After downing a handful of glasses of champagne we hit the casino floor! And I found a fun game to sit at for about 20 minutes before I got bored.


That’s right, it was batman. The seats had speakers and the screens were sweet and it had a huge screen up above oh my goodness it was awesome.


Even Adam had a fun time playing slots. Then I discovered a new game! Video blackjack!!! (I think it’s my favorite)


Then it was time to get ready for NYE celebration!! So naturally I had to change my outfit.


Then all 7 of us went to a super fancy dinner and it was ridiculously amazing.




After we were all good and full and had to be rolled out of the restaurant we left to find a place to hunker down for the countdown. And we found a cute little dueling pianos bar in our hotel.


Some nights start with celebratory shots of 5 hour energy. Duh.

Normal people put on silly hats and they fit.

I put on a silly hat and it looks like this.


Me and my tiny baby head wish you a happy new year!

Next up: our ridiculous new years day.


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