New years day

Oh new years day…

Found this awesome chair in the lobby.


That was the coolest part of the day. By the way I felt fabulous but everyone had wicked hangovers and felt like they were dying/having a seizure. Adam and I got to ride back to Sacramento in a complete silent car. Yup. That’s right folks our friend didn’t play music on the way to Reno or on the way back. Awkward silence for 2 hours!

And if that wasn’t bad enough we drove around Reno for a half hour looking for somewhere to eat that was playing the Niners game. We settled on Denny’s in boomtown. It had an hour wait just to be seated. Adam didn’t want food and I wasn’t going to wait an hour to sit down. Did this stop our friends from eating? Of course not! So Adam and I sat around for almost two hours waiting for them. If you know me you know how I get when I’m starving and people are being ridiculous.

About an hour into our drive we made a pit stop. And it was the most awesome pit stop ever because they had food!!!


Thanks for the ridiculousness, Reno.


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